Veron...should he start?

Discussion in 'Chelsea' started by Catfish, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. Catfish

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    Oct 1, 2002
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    Well, either Ranieri or Roman said he was the best MF in the world and they paid him a buttload of money....they should start him.

    Veron is not getting any younger, but he sure is getting richer.

    I never really thought he felt at home with Man Utd. He seems more relaxed and happy playing with Chelsea.
  2. Clan

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    Apr 23, 2002
    That all depends

    ..on what you mean by "start".
    Do you mean he should be an automatic choice every game?
    Then the answer is no.

    He is a typical continental style player that is, imho, not suited to playing against the hustle and bustle that is most teams in England.
    He has great vision and passing skills which are fine when he has time to employ them.Most of the teams in England, and this especially includes the Prem, play at at greater pace than on the continent-thus the term "continental style of play".
    When Veron playes against these type of teams he may in fact be a bit of a liability to the rest of the team as they have to cover some errors on his part.
    The give away right at the start of the game against Blackburn is typical of this.
    Veron gets the ball right from the kick off and looks to play a little side foot pass to the middle as everybody backs off into position, or so he thinks!
    We all know what happened next.

    Now, when playing with time and space he is a fantastic player to have on the pitch as he can/will/does split defences wide open, usually right down the middle, with killer balls.Great for us as the pace of our forwards will make it tell.
    His switching of the ball to the wings is also an art as he practically lays the ball at the wingers feet.
    Again, this is great for us as our pacy wingers can get in some great crosses for our front men who are now geting used to the idea of actually geting into the box before the ball does.

    In short then, he is suited to play against some prem teams and most continental sides, but, in no way should he start "every" game.
  3. Dr_Intoxicated

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    I liked the look and balance of the midfield that played yesterday at Wolves. Lamps put in his share of those defence splitting passes.

    Saddly I think that, for balance, if Veron plays it is as a replacement for Lamps. When we have tried to accommodate both I don't think we have been at our best, for example neither of these players are at their best on the right of midfield.

    Lamps and Veron are different players and as Clan has said I think it will be a case of Horses for courses.

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