Valley capacity increase approved!

Discussion in 'Charlton Athletic' started by doug001001, Jul 1, 2005.

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    Isn't this the best news of the summer? The upgrade of the east stand and addition of the SE quadrant will take the capacity to nearly 31,000.

    An extra 4000 seats X 19 home games X 30 pounds/ticket = 2.2 mil greater revenue per year.

    Effectively, once the stand is paid off they should be able to buy an extra player each year! (or can increase wages of rising players to ward off bids by bigger clubs)

    Will they start construction right away? the articles I read didn't mention a start date.

    wouldn't it look cool if they wrote "welcome to" in the seats on the upper tier of new the east stand? (then the east side would say welcome to the valley)
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    I also did not see a start date for the project. I think that it is three years away, two at the earliest. But this is great news.

    Other than Bent the only good news of the summer so far.

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