USWNT playing Paraguay in September

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    well as previous mentioned, I think USSF giving Vlatko another chance since he wants to bring the squad more advanced tactics or style as compared to Jill Ellis’s previous, crass version of using high pressure to bounce on what’s been woso’s biggest weakness; an opponents inability to clear the ball from the back, was considered a cheap way to win. And sooner or later USSF feels the rest of world will be become more sophisticated as well.

    But woso evolving hasn’t happened so far, as we’ve see an Canadian team using what posters commented; ‘blindly kicking in he ball upfield’ win the biggest prize this year.

    So sadly, it will be a lot of ‘growing pains’ if we keep trying to find our own tiki taka version, but than the only other choice would be go back to basics(which would mean NOT advancing woso to a higher form)
    South Korea keeps switching coaches(so you never know what your going to get). Is that Australian trip set? The Matildas unfortunately aren’t a good ‘friendlies’ team as they lost their last one to #30 Ireland(probably don’t get enough practice as an unit squad since their pro’s are spread out all over the world). Also with those matches we’ll probably have to wake up at 3am to see them, lol
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