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    1. Who's trophy do you consider the most impressive?

    2. Who contributed the most to their club winning a trophy?

    3. Some don't like Zack Steffen and other "minor" contributors being celebrated in the way of a Pulisic or McKennie who were much more heavily involved. What's your take on what is "enough" of a contribution to a club to earn celebrating a trophy?

    Here's the trophies and stats (obviously one of Pulisic or Steffen will add UCL this weekend)
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    It's clear the way some people are celebrating the trophies is a bit silly.

    I saw a Bleacher Report animated graphic from the weekend that listed Tyler Boyd holding the Turkish Super Lig title. That's a stretch of biblical proportions. The guy was run off the Besiktas roster after a month and unable to play through January. He was then loaned out and there is no signs Besiktas want him back. .

    Being a backup keeper on a title winning team is fine. Someone has to do it - and there are benefits being around a good/winning team.. But Steffen and Horvath will have to use the opportunity eventually to play. It is always better to be playing than not, regardless of silverware.

    If you're talking about people's careers, winning is great. Guys like Henry Wingo winning in Hungary, Ben Lederman winning the Polish Cup, Josh Cohen on the verge of the Israeli title - that's all huge for those guys for their respective careers.

    If you are using those lower-level players who won a cup or league to build a case of it being groundbreaking for American soccer or having some sort of huge benefit to the USMNT, - then it is overstating the case and is misleading. There are lots of better players here than some of the people collecting silverware in the lower levels of Europe.

    It was that same thing as that animated picture a few months back that listed like 50 players playing in "top tier" leagues throughout Europe - with many of them playing there because they couldn't get an decent paying gig here. It's all well and good for those players but that picture was used as some sort of muscle flex for American soccer and it came across as silly to me.

    If you want to talk about the USMNT or accomplishments that further the reputation of American soccer - clearly silverware from the Big 5 leagues is huge. The same could be said about qualifying for the Champions League group stages from any league is important.

    It all stems from having an improving league here that has invested heavily (and wisely) in youth development - while also playing young players far more than ever before, and embracing selling. Doing well here in what is now a good league, getting sold to a high level in Europe - that's the real story in terms of what is improving American soccer as whole.

    It's not really about guys run out of the game here who then move abroad to low levels because that's the best option to have a career. It's great for those guys, but that's only a sign of American soccer growth in that players have to move abroad because they're not good enough here - not that they're too good for it here.

    That's actually is impressive, but it has been the case for awhile now - as you could see with guys like Michael Stephens years ago heading to Norway after MLS wasn't really an option anymore.
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    Zack featured heavily in City's Cups this season and was key to their loss in the FA Cup semi-Final and their win in the Carabao Cup Final but he's had a token role in their Premier League campaign. I hope for all our sake he gets more PL matches next season and a few more CL appearances.
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    Most impressive means most "unexpected" for me.

    Kasey Keller with... Milwall or Friedel with Blackburn? I forgot....

    Almost as equal, from a historical pov, is Kirovski, although he played a bench role for the CL run.

    The Steffen trophies are just silly.

    If an American is a starter and actually wins a big 4 or cl, that would then be most impressive.

    Damn shame Dempsey didn't start for the Europa league final....
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