USA XXXVII World Cup of Roller Hockey [R] 05

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  1. Frank Cunha

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    Sep 17, 2001
    World Cup or Roller Hockey
    just got the news, next World CupXXXVII will be played in the USA IN 05 with 16 nations, and this nations already qualify for the next Cup are the following

    host USA, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Angola, Switzerland, Mozambique, Holland, Germany, Chile,
  2. Frank Cunha

    Frank Cunha New Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    The World Cup will be played for the first time in the USA just wonder in what city, believe will be in the East Coast

    Portugal leads the “World Champions” list.
    Portugal, 14 times world title-holder, is the most awarded country in the 35 World Championships that have already taken place. In spite of having won the last title ten years ago, Portugal keeps the leadership of the World Winners Honour Group.

    In the first 15 World Championships, between 1936 and 1962 Portugal won nine titles.
    The other five were won in 1968 (Porto, Portugal), 1974 and 1982 (Lisbon, Portugal), 1991 (Porto) and1993 (Italy). Portugal was also Vice-World Champion for 10 times.

    The countries that follow Portugal in the victory list are Spain, with ten victories, Argentina (5), Italy (4) and England (2).

    1936 IStuttgart
    Itália Portugal

    1939 II Montreux
    Itália Portugal

    1947 III Lisboa
    Portugal Bélgica Espanha

    1948 IV Montreux
    Portugal Inglaterra Itália

    1949 V Lisboa
    Portugal Espanha Itália

    1950 VI Milão
    Itália Portugal Itália Suíça

    1951 VII Barcelona
    Espanha Espanha Portugal Itália

    1952 VIII Porto
    Portugal Portugal Itália Espanha

    1953 IX Genebra
    Itália Portugal Espanha

    1954 X Barcelona
    Espanha Espanha Portugal Itália

    1955 XI Milão
    Itália Espanha Itália Portugal

    1956 XII Porto
    Portugal Portugal Espanha Itália

    1958 XIII Porto
    Portugal Portugal Espanha Itália

    1960 XIV Madrid
    Espanha Portugal Espanha Argentina

    1962 XV Santiago
    Chile Portugal Itália Espanha

    1964 XVI Barcelona
    Espanha Espanha Portugal Itália

    1966 XVII São Paulo
    Brasil Espanha Portugal Argentina

    1968 XVIII Porto
    Portugal Portugal Espanha Argentina

    1970 XIX San Juan
    Argentina Espanha Portugal Itália

    1972 XX La Coruña
    Espanha Espanha Portugal Argentina

    1974 XXI Lisboa
    Portugal Portugal Espanha Argentina

    1976 XXII Oviedo
    Espanha Espanha Argentina Portugal

    1978 XXIII San Juan
    Argentina Argentina Espanha Portugal

    1980 XXIV Talcauano
    Chile Espanha Argentina Portugal

    1982 XXV Barcelos
    Espanha Portugal Espanha Argentina

    1984 XXVI Novara
    Itália Argentina Espanha Portugal

    1986 XXVII Sertãozinho
    Brasil Itália Espanha Portugal

    1988 XXVIII La Coruña
    Espanha Itália Espanha Portugal

    1989 XXIX San Juan
    Argentina Espanha Portugal Itália

    1991 XXX Porto
    Portugal Portugal Holanda Argentina

    1993 XXXI Lodi Bassano
    Itália Portugal Itália Argentina

    1995 XXXII Recife
    Brasil Argentina Portugal Espanha

    1997 XXXIII Wuppertal
    Alemanha Itália Argentina Espanha

    1999 XXXIV Réus
    Espanha Argentina Espanha Portugal

    2001 XXXV San Juan
    Argentina Espanha Argentina Itália
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    Jul 21, 1999
    Oakley, America
    I think god that there are two different threads on this topic.
  4. Frank Cunha

    Frank Cunha New Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    one for this year World Cup, the other for the next World Cup in 05, in the USA

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