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  1. I have watched her destroy this team for 4 years. Now I am not hyping up for any expectations going into the world cup...and judging by the enthusiam of late, neither is the rest of the american soccer universe.

    I am sooo frustrated that after the four long years she is still in the evaluation stage , looking a new players even now. This coupled with the fact that we are experimenting with a new format of using the WUSA as the preparation platform, with the "team" only getting together sporatically. And from what i saw in training camp...Nothing is getting done. 90 minutes of training...for 5 days???? Then a group of new players the following month for 90 minutes of training for 5 days??? Playing low caliber teams who don't even field their best????

    In past years it was a core pool of players in a long islolated residency.

    STILL dragging Hope solo to training camp...cutting Abby for a high schooler...albeit talented.

    Giving players "time off" months away from the world cup. This isn't the pre olympic schedule where burnout occurred. This is time off after they have been off season for months already. FREAKING RIDICULOUS.

    She is a freaking JOKE!!!!!

    Okay...i think i just got this all of my chest. I hope so. Sorry everyone.

    But as for the venues, I think that i agree with branching out and trying to deepen the fan base to non WUSA cities.
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    Here's Beulah

    "On February 16 the US Women's National Soccer Team played a friendly against Iceland. The US broke through the Iceland bunker in the opening minutes and netted the game winner early. The game featured a return to form for defender Christie Pearce and a return to the field for veterans Kristine Lilly, Julie Foudy and Mia Hamm."

    For the rest:

    Beulah's match report
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    Have to agree with your comments jscott. I don't follow the women as much as the men but since they've come to Charleston twice, I want to watch & learn more.

    I've had the pleasure of seeing them 3 times in person. Last weekend = as you say, dreadful. Last year in Charleston against Mexico = not bad. And in 1998 against Canada before the MLS All-star game = f-ing awesome. The team I saw in 1998 was a precision steamroller. The team last weekend was mearly a shadow of the team I saw in 1998. You ask a fair question JS, "...Where is the swagger, the skill, the brilliance..."
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    Kristinelillyrules has it right. Too little time together, too many future players out there, too many pros on vacation or just returning, too many lineups, just too much experimenting. Maybe the staff will settle into something now and we will all be content. If you think about it since the gold cup the only players that have started each game have been Brandi, Aly, and CP. If that doesn't effect the performance of the team I don't know what will. We can complain all we want but look at the number of shots on goal, the number of corners, the fouls etc. and you have to conclude that this was not a bad performance. Yea I know it was Iceland but those players were athletic, motivated and have a lot of pride. Their goal was to keep the score down, not win.

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