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    UNC vs WNT

    I agree with speedoblobb, UNC gets the college kids. My money is on UNC. I'm always disappointed when someone is down on a player just because they go to UNC. They may never have even watched the player. Maybe the best players go to UNC because the challenge will make them an even better player.

    Also in regard to the younger players not understanding the representation of the US and just in it for the money. You obviously didn't watch any of the U-19 World Championship in 2002. I'd gather those kids up today to play against the WNT also. Again U-19's get Tarpley and Chalupny
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    It used to amaze me how well I could play when I laid off playing for a few months. It is much more fun when you are deprived of a pleasure for a length of time (sex, alcohol, etc. included). I think that the NATS play too much and thus it would be better to diversify.
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    Re: Re: Who?

    My Bad!
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    Apr 24, 2003
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    Nya Sverige
    I'll disagree with that. We had some bad luck with Ms. Rose. Unfortunate was her decision but she still is a great player. Wagner on the other hand should have become a better player by playing in the WUSA.

    "Admittedly, Italy played much better than I thought they were capable of. How did this team lose out to ICELAND (and Russia) in World Cup qualifying? Or barely beat Switzerland and fail to beat Finland in Euro 2005 qualifying? This is another feather in the cap for the European women."

    Well, Russia can play a strong game on defense. Call it a bunker. Iceland was not good. But I think the thing is that Italy no longer fears us.
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    Some of you here sound like players who were cut from the USWNT roster & try to get even with AH, just kidding.....
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    And...Some here sound like the "Eternals" or yheir family members.
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    Final score from Wednesday

    USA women 2, Italy 2. Crowd at Arrowhead Stadium in KANSAS CITY, Mo. 18,263. Note of interest, Italy stunned the U.S. team and the crowd by scoring just 11 seconds into the match, most likely the quickest goal ever allowed in U.S. Women's National Team history. Right off the opening kickoff, midfielder Katia Serra gathered the ball and pushed through a Shannon Boxx tackle, then squared the ball to the always- dangerous Patrizia "The Scorpion" Panico, who split the U.S. defense with a perfect first-time ball to fellow striker Ilaria Pasqui. The Italian forward then beat U.S. goalkeeper Siri Mullinix to the ball and slipped her shot into the lower left corner. "That was not the start we had in mind," said Julie Foudy. "That might be the understatement of the year."
    More info AP: , , ESPN: I would suggest that the other posters to please post the final score of any USA women's soccer game and links about the game like I just did.
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    Time to buy yourself a new pair of suspenders.

    Sponsors, TV contracts next on USA's agenda
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    Disney/ABC was blasted in the story. As well they should. After all, their only Emmy-winning prime-time show is on hiatus.

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