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    The US Deaf Women’s National Soccer Team won the gold medal in the 24th Deaflympics held in Brazil this past May.

    Apparently, they won 4-2 in penalty kicks (KFTPM) after the game against Poland ended 2-2. [After much web searching, I could not find an account of the game; even the Deaflympics web site failed to post the pdf of football results, which are available for all the other sports].

    Prior to US Soccer’s Annual General Meeting on March 4, 2022, the USDWNT played under the USA Deaf Soccer Association; so the program is brand new to the federation organization, even though the USDWNT has won several gold medals over the years.

    So why post now? It is “old” news.

    Every year I scan the NWSL draft list for non-D1 players and look them up. Yesterday, for the 2023 draft, I found Erin Cembrale, senior midfielder for D3 Huntingdon College in Montgomery, AL. It turned out that she was on the 2022 USDWNT gold medal squad in Brazil.

    Another D3 player on the gold medal squad is Mia White, who I saw play for the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology 2016-2019. She was RIT team captain and Liberty League Player of the Year for 2019. She is now a Player Representative on the Board of Directors for USA Deaf Soccer Association.

    The 2022 team was coached by Amy Griffin and assisted by Joy Fawcett.

    Some highlights of the gold medal game are shown at 12:40, with Mia White speaking post-game at 13:00:
    Closed captioning works when people are signing to the camera, for those who do not know ASL.

    If anyone can post a full team roster and/or game box scores, that would be terrific.

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    The best info I've ever found on the team is on Twitter. This was the starting line-up for the gold medal match:

    Their Twitter account also has scores for each game and goal scorers as well as the full roster (posted in multiple tweets; just linking the defenders here):

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    Thanks @lil_one for the information! When I was assembling a list from the twitter posts and looking up players, I found this page:

    It has the roster, USA game lineups, scores and scorers for 2022 and going back to 2005.
    I copied the roster info and put it in the table below. Quite an eclectic group!
    The age range is 18-42, 5 are Deaflympic veterans and 16 are rookies in the competition.

    1Taegan FrandsenGK18Centerville UT
    2Kate Ward MID (Captain)28El Paso TX
    3Paige BeaudryDEF 19Riverview MI
    4McCall MadriagoMID26Folsom CA
    5Gracie FitzgeraldDEF23Georgetown IN
    6Mia WhiteFWD23Littleton CO
    7Olivia MakeyDEF30Puyallup WA
    8Erin CembraleMID 21Palm Harbor FL
    9Ani KhachadourianMID20Cary NC
    10Anessa CamposFWD (injured)20Riverside CA
    11Sydney AndrewsDEF 28Aptos CA
    12Sophia PostFWD18Murray UT
    13Ashley DerringtonMID31Playa Vista CA
    14Paris PriceMID17 Fall City WA
    15Elizabeth FeustelDEF42Atlanta GA
    16Krystyna MillerFWD20Plainville CT
    17Nicole NunesDEF20Santa Clara CA
    18Faith WylieFWD18Dripping Springs TX
    19Ella SheridanGK16Dallas TX
    21Emily CressyFWD 33Huntington Beach CA
    22Nicole KoehnFWD27San Jose CA

    The 2023 Deaf Women’s World Cup is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 20 – October 8. The US won both previous world cups it entered (2012 and 2016).

    Let us hope the US Soccer Federation doesn’t screw it up this year.


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    The USDWNT just kicked off their first camp under the USSF umbrella, so apparently even though the vote was last March, the team becoming an official USSF team started perhaps with this calendar year. In the future, maybe that means it'll be easier to find info about them.

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    Nice! I think they look good in the US Soccer gear.
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