US War Dead in Iraq Exceeds Early Vietnam Years

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    by David Morgan

    PHILADELPHIA - The U.S. death toll in Iraq has surpassed the number of American soldiers killed during the first three years of the Vietnam War, the brutal Cold War conflict that cast a shadow over U.S. affairs for more than a generation.

    A Reuters analysis of Defense Department statistics showed on Thursday that the Vietnam War, which the Army says officially began on Dec. 11, 1961, produced a combined 392 fatal casualties from 1962 through 1964, when American troop levels in Indochina stood at just over 17,000.

    By comparison, a roadside bomb attack that killed a soldier in Baghdad on Wednesday brought to 397 the tally of American dead in Iraq, where U.S. forces number about 130,000 troops -- the same number reached in Vietnam by October 1965...
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    Nat'l Team:
    10 times more troops in Iraq compared to Vietnam and same number of deaths. Somehow this equates to the readers of commondreams. That website is biased beyond all recognition.
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    I agree with Ian but for different reasons.

    I just don't see the point.

    And Charlie Don't Surf.

    BTW, what did our boys call the Iraqi loyalists?
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    US iraq death toll exceeds the amount of gourmet chefs killed last thursday by surf ninjas. :rolleyes:

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