US U19 vs Germany Live on Fox Sports World Today

Discussion in 'USA Women: News and Analysis' started by GoatBoy, Aug 29, 2002.

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    I set my VCR and DirecTV last night to record this. However when I went over to 613 to doublecheck that this match was going to be 5pm MDT Sky Sports News was scheduled followed by a 2 hour block of I believe Brasilian soccer. I hope this has changed.
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    The advanced program guide (APG) from DTV still has the "old" data. It is far from uncommon for last minute changes in schedules to not get reflected in DTV's data.

    In fact it is uncommon that a last minute change does get into the DTV data stream in less than two days.

    The reason is that most stations do not have a direct link to the data and it takes several steps to get the data changed. The station makes the change then informs their PR/scheduling dept. who the puts the data into whatever form the provider, in this case DTV, needs. Then they send it to the provider who gives it to their data people who then incorporate it into the data stream.

    Fortunately, with DTV some parts of this is automated so it usually takes only two or three days for a change to reflect in the data but it can take MUCH longer if any of the people in the stream delay or in some way fail to move the data with good dispatch.

    In this case, even though I have a TiVo with an auto record wish list that "should" catch this, I have set up a manual time and ch recording just to be sure.

    BTW: It shows that soccer is growing in popularity that any effort has been made to get this on TV in the US. This bodes well for all the entities involved soccer, women’s sports, soccer fans, supporters, and women’s interest groups in general.

    I wish that the whole tournament was available here, at least tape delayed, but this is SO MUCH better than even two years ago.

    You know, up to this, we have seen more of the Asian Women’s soccer tournament than we have of most domestic ones. Also. MAYBE, every game of the Gold Cup has a chance to be shown, not just the US ones.

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