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Discussion in '"US Supporters" Supporters Club' started by Jeremy Goodwin, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. Jeremy Goodwin

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    Mods, please sticky this thread, and Liam's thread on the Chicago game as well.

    You just participate.

    Show up to games, talk online and make suggestions to improve things. Have a good time :D

    The website is

    There's a yahoo group as well (at least for the time being) at

    And of course, there's the new Bigsoccer forum.

    We're very user driven. The Sammers are somewhat handcuffed by what Mark is willing or able to do, because for some reason he wants to retain control over activities and organization marks etc.

    The objective of US Supporters is to be more user driven than that. This is good (do what you want) and bad (no one is really in charge, and there's no seed money to do things).

    We're have more established relationships in the northeast than the rest of the country as well. We're best organized in DC, where La Norte is able to hook us up, but the organization intends to cooperate with local supporters clubs as much as possible in the future.
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    Done, and done.

    Great idea, Jeremy-- and anyone else can add to this as they see fit.
  3. msfurnas

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    Jun 6, 2004
    Sweet, I am in the FAQ! I am AMAZING!

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