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Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by christopher d, Dec 26, 2002.

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    Re: First Annual MLS All Star Writers - First 11

    I THINK NOT! This guy is a small time Frank DeFord. First of all he is a sports media writer. He almost never writes about soccer media. And when he does, he sticks a knife into it. I recall two of his anti-soccer shticks.

    A week before WC98, he claims ABC put the WC on in the afternoon to attract soccer moms watching the soap operas in order to raise the ratings.

    Second. During WWC99, he raves that the Yankee-Mets telecast outdid the WWC final in NYC by 1/10 of a rating point.

    So if you have something that he did positive for soccer I would like to know what it is. I have no clue how you could even choose this hack.
  2. geordienation

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    Apr 21, 2001
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    Agreed. Zipay is alright when it comes to general sports media, but kind of an idiot when it comes to soccer.
  3. hes a total soccer basher
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    Oh, my, alert the authorities.

    I thought this was about people we liked.
  5. Al Morganti
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    Where is the Veronica Payse Vote?

    I was going to let this thread die but I'm at a loss for how nobody mentioned Veronica as a media member they liked. That's just plain wrong. Al Morganti gets a mention but not Payse.

    Bring Veronica back, but have someone work on better halftime questions.

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    Mark Ziegler of the San Diego Union Tribune. Gets sent to every World Cup, does a great job covering the Spirit, and there's a "soccer page" every Wednesday covering everything from local youth teams to the national team to the Mexican league and everything in between, which he is editor of and often contributes to. He's become more negative on MLS recently much to my consternation, but he's still a solid soccer writer.
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    Bob Foltman was pretty darn good until the Tribune took him off the Fire beat and moved him to the Blackhawks.

    Beau Dure has done a fine job of covering the league from day one, and I suspect some of his best stuff ends up on the cutting room floor because his editors don't give him much room (used to be better).

    And don't forget our own Dan Loney (when he can be pried away from the rivalry forum). His Cybersoccernews columns are good, but his best stuff is buried in his stream of consciousness game reports. Or maybe that's his cat.
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    Nov 20, 2000
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    4-4-2 formation:

    Grant Wahl

    Vescey Rusnak Bradley Beau Dure

    Oliu Connolly Goff Lewis

    Alex Yannis Jack Bell

    Manager: Ray Hudson
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    Jul 27, 2001
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    Hey Horizon, I'm assuming you're hoping for a lot of 0-0 draws with Wahl in goal and the NY Times "strike force" up front. The midfield is definitely strong, although calling Oliu a media member seems weird, but the two hacks up front will miss more chances than Christian Vieri at the World Cup. :)
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    Someone refered above to a writer in New Jersey. The writer is Ives Galarcep. He writes for the NJ Herald News and I think that he is pretty good.

    I am new to the Big Soccer boards so I don't know exactly how things work, but it would be great if there would be a board where a peson could go to see if the writers mentioned in this string have posted stories on the web.
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    Actually, we're in Lansing, Michigan but why should I bother correcting, a generous plug, is a generous plug....thanks a lot

    It's broadcast on the internet anyway....hell, we should just say that we're broadcasting from Cancun, least maybe the mental image will warm our hearts as we know that there are sheets of ice and several inches of snow waiting for us as soon as we step outside of the radio station....

    As far as that "All Star Lineup" that was posted before....any chance I could be included as a "towel boy"...the one that gets the towels thrown on him after the game but gets the hot girl in the end because she feels sorry for his broke a$$ ?

    I think almost all the "big ones" were covered...I'll read through the lists once more and see if there were any that were missed, but I think we covered all the usual suspects

    glad to see ECG getting some love as well...
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    Nope, I've no problem with Joe Tatino. He does a good job...and even manages to deal with Smacksaw Hamilton on XTRA.

    Now, those of you who think Grahame Jones is good, hang your heads in shame. All he does is rewrite wire reports. Damn, I could do his job in my sleep. He does this while completly ignoring his local team. No thanks, the sooner he retires, the better. I can't think of his name right now, but the guy who covers soccer for the LA Daily News (and it's sister papers) does a great job. Though if you want good reporting on the G's, you hafta check out Llew Llewellin (SP)

    One other person. A certain Dave Denholm with KSPN710 (ESPN aff here in LA) does the local updates on weekday mornings. Is there is any Galaxy or Soccer reports that are news worthy, he makes sure to get them in. (he's also a BigSoccer regular)

    Oh yeah, and that Dan Loney is goofy but his weekly columns are always worth reading.
  15. JerzyRebel

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    Sep 18, 2002
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    Lay off Jones

    You're in L.A. yet you don't even know what duties your area writers have. That's pretty sad. Grahame Jones covers INTERNATIONAL SOCCER for the Times. He doesn't ignore MLS anymore, it's no longer his assignment. He does rehash wire stuff on occasion but that is part of his job. Jones does appear to travel for games in Mexico and even Europe. He can definitely be a cynic but I'm sure his paper wants him to stir up controversy rather than crank out fluff.
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    Check out MLS News & Analysis. Everyday jmeissen, GPK and a few others post all the links to articles of the day.

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