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Discussion in 'Referee' started by Hitman, Sep 17, 2003.

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    Please refer to this lenghty and well much discussed thread for a precursor on this topic


    Did anyone see what happened in the Champ's league match between Real and OM?

    Figo was made to retake a PK after "feignting" on a PK.

    He stutter stepped on his approach, actually coming to all but a complete stop, before hitting the ball.

    The commentators all were very positive that there was such a rule about "a continuous motion" and that you couldn't stop and start on the approach...

    So, after all the talk on the above post about the fact that there is no such language about this in the LOTG, I am eager to hear everyones comments.

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    Yes, I caught it. My guess is that there must have been encroachment into the area by one or more Real players. I can't imagine a FIFA referee messing up something that is so clearly spelled out in FIFA and IFB decisions.
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    I just brought up the Figo play in the aforementioned post, no one has responded yet. I have read that encroachment was the call. The announcers seemed sold that it must've been because he stopped his run-up. If there is such a rule, I would agree. But again, he did EXACTLY the same thing on his re-take, so perhaps encroachment was the call. On the replay, you can see Zidane standing with one foot in the box, it's borderline, but he's the only Madrid player that could've possibly been called for it. Certainly interesting, and amazing that it happened now to provide us w/ an example for our discussion;)

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