United's Olympic call-ups

Discussion in 'D.C. United' started by TCompton, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. TCompton

    TCompton Member

    Oct 21, 2002
    Congrats to Doug Warren, David Stokes, Brian Carroll, Bobby Convey, and Alecko Eskandarian for their US Nats call-ups.

    Looks like a lot of names that could be out of the line-up for DC next summer.
  2. Jose L. Couso

    Jose L. Couso New Member

    Jul 31, 2000
    Arlington, VA

    Depending on who the coach is! ;)
  3. Cweedchop

    Cweedchop Member+

    Mar 6, 2000
    Ellicott City, Md
    When all is said and done, probably only Convey and Stokes will make that final roster IMHO.. Maybe Warren as well...

    Esky will have too much quality competition at forward (Donovan, Casey, Buddle) and Carroll will probably get lost in the shuffle as well..

    We'll see though...
  4. sckrmom

    sckrmom New Member

    Jul 17, 2003
    Gainesville, VA
    Re: Re: United's Olympic call-ups

    If someone gets left behind, my bet would be Stokes. Don't forget that Yi and Oneywu are also on the team - just not available right now (overseas playing) - and have competed with this group of guys at every major game(U17, U20) for the last few years. For that matter, so has Brian Carroll. Perhaps Myernick sees something in him that you don't???? and Eski is currently their leading scorer, although I don't necessarily disagree on that call. I am not sure Conor Casey is still eligible, age wise, though.
  5. garbaggio

    garbaggio Member

    Jan 3, 2001
    I can't find the recent thread by folks going to the game. Anyone know if soccerplex is already sold out?
  6. sch2383

    sch2383 New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    Northern Virginia
    Re: Re: United's Olympic call-ups

    I think Warren is a lock for the final team next summer as long as no overage keepers are on the rosters, even then he could still go as a #3 keeper.
  7. neilgrossman

    neilgrossman New Member

    May 12, 2000
    Hoboken, NJ
  8. Sandon Mibut

    Sandon Mibut Member+

    Feb 13, 2001
    None of the United players are locks but several have good chances to make the Olympics.

    First, they need to make the 18 for the qualifying tournament in Mexico in February, assuming they can handle mighty St. Kitt's.

    Right now, Warren has the best chance. He's in a dog-fight to beat out Countess as starter but his only real competition for the No. 2 spot is Josh Saunders, who hasn't played an MLS game yet and has minimal youth international experience, our own one-game wonder, Clint Baumstark, and Blackburn's David Yelldell, who most of us have already seen first hand get out-performed by Dougie.

    Convey will also likely make the team but he may not start as Martino likely has the nod at center mid and Beasley and left mid. Convey could play on the right, however.

    Esky, for all the grief he gets here, is loved by Mooch and that will help his chances. But, as others have noted, there will be a LOT of competition for the forward spots, starting with Donovan, Buddle, Casey (who is eligible) etc... But, if it's a tie for the fourth spot between Esky and, say, Mike Magee, Mooch is gonna take Esky.

    Carroll has been in every U23 camp so far but if he makes the team, he'll have to do it as a reserve. I'm sorry Sckrmom, but this is gonna be tough for him. He's got to beat out Justin Mapp, Brad Davis, Convey and Beasley on the left, Ricardo Clark, Kyle Beckerman, Logan Pause and Jordan Stone and at D-mid. Not playing this year, while those guys did, certainly didn't help Carroll's cause.

    Stokes is in a similar situation. Mooch likes him but he's got to beat out Gooch Onyewu, Kelly Gray, Alex Yi, Nat Borchers, Zak Whitbread and, if healthy, Jose Burciaga, in central defense.

    The odds for both Stokes and Carroll are pretty long. I'm not saying that can't do it, but I'd be surprised if they do.

    A year ago I would have said Tino Quaranta was in the hunt but he has yet to be called in by Mooch and unless he tears it up in the UAE with the 20s, I don't see that changing.

    Devin Barclay has gotten a look from Mooch but he has basically fallen off the radar with a bad season last year and basically a lost one this year.

    So, I could see United losing as many as three players next summer.
  9. neilgrossman

    neilgrossman New Member

    May 12, 2000
    Hoboken, NJ
    Actually, I think Rimando, Olsen and Stewart could be added to the possibility list. Doesn't the Olympics still allow 3 overage players? It's possible one of the overage players comes from DCU.

    (And we could be losing Adu.)

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