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Discussion in 'Barra Brava' started by jackrock, Jun 30, 2005.

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    disclaimer- remove this if its considered ....whatever.

    my girlfriend is from silver spring and just moved back after graduating. She is working at kids peace, and has recently been informed that between now and half way through august (real specific, huh?) she will have a small interview on telemundo. At kids peace she is the family resource specialist, and a marketing coordinator. Being that i am a complete dc united addict, i thought that perhaps she could link up with United for DC, ok basically i dont know, maybe have a rep from united for dc give broadcaster a jersey? maybe have my girl friend give them a screaming eagel/barra brava scarf/ shirt, etc. ? I just thought that any chance for mention of United in local media was good, and i swear to God as soon as I heard "telemundo" I was like "mention the team". I have her email addrews, phone number, etc. please post something, even if its just "this is a dumb idea".

    To me this seems like an opportuinty, but im not from washington.

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