Unique positive qualities of Religion in America?

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Religion' started by Bootsy Collins, Jun 24, 2022.

  1. Protection of kids from porn?
    Florida principal ousted after complaints about Michelangelo's 'David' in art lesson
    [​IMG]USA Today|4 hours ago
    Hope Carrasquilla had been principal for less than a year at Tallahassee Classical School before she resigned from her position during an emergency board meeting Monday. No reason was given at the meeting for her abrupt departure. "It saddens me that my ...

    Darwin must be wrong. Evolution isnot about getting better each generation.
    These imbecils are still in the mindset of the Salem witch trials.
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    There is absolutely nothing about Darwin/Evolution that states that says “better, faster, smarter” is an inevitability. That is an often-used ploy by ethnonationalists and imperialists to justify their bullshit beliefs.

    Evolution explains why salamanders in caves evolve to be white and blind. Crabs have evolved 4 times from completely disparate origins. Maybe this world is for them? Evolution is a mechanism for describing how things come to be. It DOES NOT prescribe what should be or what will be.
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    That's very true. Back in B.C clams had hands and many also had feet. Evolution took care of that so now we harvest them without fear of retaliation! :geek:

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    "America is great, because America is good."
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    For someone asserting that, I'd love to know 1) what evidence they accept, and 2) whether they accept counter-evidence.
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    While it's true that charity and community support can exist independently of religion, one aspect often associated with American religious communities is the sense of belonging and social cohesion they foster.
    Religious gatherings provide a space for people to come together, share common values, and build strong social bonds. This sense of belonging can be a source of comfort, support, and camaraderie for individuals.
    If you're interested in exploring spirituality from a different angle, you might find this resource on the spiritual meaning of seasons at https://meaningspiritual.com/the-sp...w-nature-s-cycles-impact-our-spiritual-growth. It discusses how nature's cycles can influence our spiritual growth.
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    Do you argue that those senses of belonging and social cohesion would not or could not exist in the United States in the absence of religion? Because that's what the question asked.
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    My favorite C&H musings on religion:

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