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    Thank you! I agree with you about Olivia. She was groomed to be a pro. Her technical abilities and understanding of the game is extremely well developed for her age. She already has a deal with Nike and I believe her trainer wants her to go pro as well. We'll see. a 1-2 punch of her and Sentnor would've been interesting to see.
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    A random note to close out the 2018 UNC season...for men's soccer.

    I see that after a great 8-year run at Creighton, ex long-time UNC coach Elmar Bolowich has resigned to take over a youth club in Jacksonville, Florida. A bit strange where an internationally known coach with a superb record at UNC and with his 8 years at Creighton, Nebraska (producing 6 trips to the NCAA with 2 final fours, an elite 8 and 2 sweet 16s) ... resigns to go to a youth club in the US. I always have liked Bolowich personally and wish him well.
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