Discussion in 'Chicago Fire' started by Flagreekguy, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Flagreekguy

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    Aug 13, 2007
    I'm a LAG fan so forgive me for jumping on your forum but I have to say something.

    I watched your game tonight against KC and i'm in awe at how much fun you guys seem to have out there.

    Grats guys. you deserve all the respect the league can give you tonight cause that was one of the funnest games i've watched in awhile.

    Thanks for the game 8)
  2. Lineman

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    May 31, 2007
    Chicago, IL
    Chicago Fire
    Nat'l Team:
    Thanks for the props. This team is really starting to mesh, given all the changes in the past month (Blanco, Wanchope, new coach, new owners, etc.). I only hope it continues.
  3. SixKick

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    Nov 13, 2000
    Club América
    Nat'l Team:
    Tonight was how things are supposed to be:

    -Big crowd that was interested, knowledgeable, and excited.

    -Talented team with big name stars that appeal to local communities

    -Exciting game that finishes with a Fire win!

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