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Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by KinleyDog, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. KinleyDog

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    Aug 20, 2003
    MD did a good job of matching UVA's intensity in the second half, and came away with a late goal in the 86th minute and held on to win 1:0. Intensity from the UVA side picked up even more after the MD goal, but UVA could not bring the game back to square. All-in-all, the teams matched up well and gave the crowd a good game.


    The win gives MD a second place slot in the ACC tournament. UVA has to wait until the UNC-CH v. Clemson game on Sunday to determine if they will be third or fourth.

    Three of UVA's four losses have come to ACC teams and have two in-a-row to end the regular season. Although their record looks good at 14-4, they'll have to pick up the intensity to match their success of last year in the ACC tournament.
  2. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Maryland has had a nice season. THey got off to a great start, going 5-0. Then, they had a mid-season lull, going 1-3-1, but have now won six in a row going into the ACCs.

    I really like how they've rebounded from their mid-season slump. It shows a lot of character and that bodes well for the post-season. And their defense, led by the much-maligned (especially by me) goalkeeper Noah Palmer, has only given up two goals during this winning streak, so they, especially Palmer, deserve a lot of credit.

    Combine the way the D is playing with Maryland's potentially potent attack of Garey, Thompson and Mediate and you have the makings of a team that can go far in the NCAAs.

    I'm not sold on this UVa team.

    They're stumbling in to the ACCs, which isn't a good sign, and despite they're nice record, their only quality wins are over Duke, Wake and, arguably, Old Dominion. Too many misleading wins over the Marshalls and St. Francises of the world.

    They have a lot of talent and appear to be pretty deep but they don't have a go to scorer and their defense has been penetrated too many times to think they'll be able to survive in the post-season when the goals aren't there.

    Granted, last year UVa stumbled into the postseason then won the ACCs and made the sweet 16 of the NCAAs so and everybody is back from that team, so you never know. Certainly, this team has the potential to do good things in both the ACC and the NCAAs - and a semifinal rematch with Maryland is potentially looming and that should be fun! - but they're gonna have to crank it up a notch to match last year's success.
  3. terp fan

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    Nov 21, 2000
    I caught the match and have a few comments. As usual these two had a hard fought game that wasn't very pretty to watch but was exciting at times. There was not much possion for either team although I would give UVA the edge with UMD having the better scoring opportunities. The match could have easily ending 4-2 UMD's way or anything in between.
    Player comments:
    Jason Garey did very little and was not much of a factor though he had a part in the game winner.
    Abe Thompson worked hard and provided most of UMD's offensive pressure throughout the match. Probably deserved a goal (two great chances) and an assist.
    Kenny Bertz organized the Terp defense and was their most solid performer.
    David Glaudemans continues to improve and his athleticism has been key in the Terp's defense stablizing.
    Stephen King was up and down but it's obvious he will contine to be one of the top midfielders in the ACC for the next three years.
    Matt Oliver and Jeff Tuman are destryoer in the middle of the UVA defense but unfortunately lack the ball skill to collect the ball and start the attack or even maintain posssion in the back.
    Jeremy Barlow is a very dangerous player for UVA, lightning quick and good on the ball. George took him out after be terrorized UMD's left side on several good runs and he never returmed.
    Chefik Simo is a downgrade from John Hartman, his touch on the ball is awful and doesn't seem to read the game very well. I understand he's coming back from an injury but he is a very long way from being a top player.
    Wil Hall and Nico Colaluca are very good on the ball running at players but don't seem to have many ideas on what to do and when. They are young and have to basic skills to become top players.
    Ryan Burke Played like one of the top GK's in the country, he reads to plays early and is very decisive. He made a cpoulpe of special saves friday and gave his team a chance to win.
  4. Sammys

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    Mar 5, 2002
    This is a good uva team that agreed is stumbling but does have the talent to do some post season damage.

    Solid at Central D with Tuman and Oliver. Not sure why Hartman isnt playing or why theyre not starting the attack from the back.

    Hall and Colaluca are both good on the ball. Nicos great dribbling at people and creates some havoc but does play with his head down. Has a ton of potential. Halls got vision and is a good passer that can really open up the field.

    Burke is awesome!

    Backs have been playing balls to the lone Christman up top which has been ineffective. Theyve scored only 1 goal in the last two games and that was against Tech. Cavs are gonna have to get it together for tourney time.
  5. stopper4

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    Jan 24, 2000
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    United States
    How did Freeman do?

    Is he playing in the back or in midfield?
  6. terp fan

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    Nov 21, 2000
    He plays right back and takes all the set pieces. He played okay, got forward several times for crosses but had some problems with UMD's speed on the outside a few times. I would say he was solid but nothing more in this one.

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