Ukraine vs Poland [R] June 21

Discussion in 'Group C - Germany, Ukraine, Poland, N.Ireland' started by White/Blue_since1860, Jun 19, 2016.

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    Game Day Thread
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    Would be nice if Ukraine would give us a game here :) know, play some younger players and lets us get first in the group :)
    Keep dreaming - not going to happen! haha
  3. nirvaanfc

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    Had earmarked this game as a must watch before the tournament began, but given Ukraine's defeat to the Northern Ireland and subsequent elimination from the tournament, this has the feel of an easy Polish win.
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    This tournament... I mean game has 0-0 written all over it...

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  5. goliath74

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    Wow. Finally Ukraine showed some offensive form, but the ease with which they wasted their chances is horrifying. Poland was clinical with one of their few chances and we were wasteful with ours. Hence the result, 1-0 to Poland.

    Fomenko is easily the worst coach here at the Euro2016. The time has passed him by. Poor pre-tournament selection (it is inexcusable that he did not bring Husev but brought a useless geriatric Tymoschuk), weak coaching between the games, inability to make changes on the fly (that's why in all three games Ukraine clearly failed to improve our game in the second half), inability to make telling subs (although, in fairness, who would you bring in? This UNT is devoid of talent outside of several strong players in the starting XI)
  6. Boloni86

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    It's crazy to think how good Poland could be if their attack gets some chemistry and momentum. Everything Milik and Lewandowski do seems to be just one split second off. But even without the attack at full potential, they've been nearly perfect in the back. Fabianski (Szczesny in game 1), Glik, Pazdan and Krychowiak have been in total control throughout the 3 games.

    They should beat Switzerland ... my only worry is that they have 2 fewer days to rest and Nawalka decided to play Lewandowski, Milik and Krychowiak the full 90 minutes.
  7. Maumarikus

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    Jul 5, 2016

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