UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifications | Group A

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    Apr 27, 2004
    UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifications | Group A :


    Czech Republic
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    Apr 27, 2004
    UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifications | Group A

    6 games already already finish in the group, here is the
    Current Table:

    1.Iceland 15 points
    2.Czech Republic 13 points
    3.Netherlands 10 points
    4.Turkey 8 points
    5.LAtvia 3 points
    6.Kazanhstan 1 points

    first two spot goes to directly to the Finals…
    3.spot goes to playoff if Iam not mistaken….
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    Apr 27, 2004
    Turkey NT upcoming fixture at the group :

    04.09.2015 Turkey vs Latvia

    07.09.2015 Turkey vs Netherlands

    11.10.2015 Czech Republic vs Turkey

    14.10.2015 Turkey vs Iceland

    Anythings possible from now on,..Turkey has got advanced fixture it seems. 3 games will be at home for Turkey, specially vs Netherlands game will be key to Turkey for keep EURO hope alive.

    at first they must get 3 points at home vs Latvia.

    Recently Turkey Nt play positive football, specially vs Netherlands game at Amsterdam were very positive for Turkey, they lost 2 points in the added time. 90+6 Netherlands scored ,game ended 1-1

    I believe Turkey NT this time can get positive result vs Netherlands at Turkey home field.

    Groups leading two spot Iceland and Czech Republic are doing amazing things since begin of the group race.

    They keep the top two spot since day one.

    Its been an interesting group run .

    As a neutral myself, I wonder whom gonna take top two and playoff spot.

    Its gonna be an amazing last final four game from now on for every teams in the group.
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    Apr 27, 2004

    Tonight result;

    Turkey vs Latvia: 1-1
    A late additional time dramatic goal by visitors made the shock for the entire stadium…..
    Turkey NT had a lots of attempt they just scored only one…
    Last few minutes of the game Latvia coach had good sub -and it worked a point winner goal.

    Netherlands vs Iceland game ended a another shocking score ofr the home side.
    0-1 Iceland won the game.

    Czech NT won the game vs Kazakhstan 2-1

    First 4 at the group table:

    1-Iceland: 18 points
    2-Czech R; 16 points
    3-Netherlands; 10 points
    4-Turkey; 9 points….

    Next game is a move or stop type game for aspecialy Turkey NT.
    To take playoff spot…Turkey currently race with the Netherlands.
    A Turkey win vs Netherlands could be huge boost and it will bring the 3.spot for Turkey NT.

    Game is on Sunday.

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