PBP: UCL: Bayern Munich v Manchester United - Wed 20 Sep 2023 [R]

Discussion in 'Manchester United' started by Sofabloke, Sep 19, 2023.

  1. Chaz Striker

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    Jul 26, 2005
    He was press resistant first half of last season. Hell, against Brighton he had a sick maradona to get out of pressure. But it’s rare now and he’s been shit for half a year.
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  2. Sofabloke

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    That is the point though - there is nobody who tracks bar Cas (and the unavailable Amrabat / Mainoo).

    Mount when back available would be a less bad option to Eriksen - hence why EtH played him in place of Eriksen initially (though am still to be convinced that Mount is an #8).

    I agree though that Bruno may have been less bad than Eriksen in the deeper role - EtH did move him deeper when Eriksen went off and McT came on from 69'. Would also rather have seen Hannibal as the higher of the #8's rather than McT. McT has gotten so slow / lazy at getting back.

    Ultimately still don't think Bruno is a capable DM though - as his tracking isn't great either. Plus he is often too valuable as a #10 - though he was poor there today.

    Mainoo was clearly where EtH wanted to go given his selection there alongside Cas for Arsenal and Real Madrid games in pre-season. Amrabat will clearly be the other choice there as will Mount (though hopefully Mount as 3rd choice ahead of Eriksen 4th choice for the deeper role).
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    I’m only going to focus on the positives:

    • Reguilon looked lively again, especially going forward
    • Højlund looks like a real striker, wasn’t much in the game or getting touches yet still puts one away
    • Casemiro getting his head on crosses and free kicks
    • Team didn’t collapse when down 2 on 3 occasions, kept fighting back
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    Not to mention we had that corner called off due to a penalty in the box which was I guess grappling. I find that funny on the back of the way Jesus took down Evans and there was a no call.
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    When the team is playing bad, luck just seems to go against you. None of the VAR calls against us have been egregious other than the non-handball call against Spurs (I think), but every borderline VAR call has gone against us this season.
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