UAB - BSC - 9/6/02 [r]

Discussion in 'College & Amateur Soccer' started by nicodemus, Sep 7, 2002.

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    Last night's game was a mixed bag. UAB TOTALLY dominated the first half. I seriously think that in the first half hour that Birmingham-Southern did not complete a pass in UAB's defensive half. It was totally one sided. They nearly scored a few times, and just ran all over the BSC defense, but just couldn't put it away.

    Halftime 0-0

    2nd half. I don't know what BSC coach Preston Goldfarb told his players at half time, but it was complete reversal. While they didn't dominate like UAB did, they definately had the run of play. UAB was missing two starters: Marin Pusek (who played for Canada's U-20s at one point) due to red card and Bubba Garcia for reasons unknown. The second half showed the importance of Pusek as he calms the game down and runs the midfield.

    UAB got a PK in the 2nd half and Jose Raio banged it off the post to keep the game level at 0-0. At this point, I was thinking UAB was in for it as they couldn't buy a goal.

    About midway through the 2nd half UAB started to regain composure and were pounding shots left and right. BSC's keeper did an amazing job keeping them out making some monster saves.

    UAB findly found a crack in the armor with 11 minutes to go and were up 1-0. The ensuing 10 minutes found UAB just gain an amazing amount of confidence and knocked two more in for a 3-0 victory.

    Next game against Rhode Island on Sunday (9/8)
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    UAB's 3rd goal was a monster! A freshman named Dennis Umanzor unleashed a 30 yard rocket into the top corner. Doubt you see many freshmen score goals like this one. On current form, UAB does not deserve to be ranked.

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