UAB 1, Notre Dame 0

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    From UAB website (

    Monteiro Lifts Blazers to Double Overtime Victory Over No. 15 Notre Dame
    Senior scores game-winning goal in 105th minute

    SOUTH BEND, Ind. ---- Senior forward Jerson Monteiro’s goal five minutes into the second overtime lifted the UAB men’s soccer team to a 1-0 upset over No. 15 Notre Dame in the opening round of the Mike Berticelli Memorial Tournament. The win marked the sixth consecutive season the Blazers have opened the campaign with a win or tie (4-0-2), and improved the team to 11-2-2 in season openers during head coach Mike Getman’s 15 years at the helm.

    “Notre Dame is a quality opponent and we are very pleased with this result,” Getman said. “They had a lot of possession and a lot more shots, but we were able to fight off their chances and took advantage of our opportunities and got the result we wanted.

    “We worked very hard and defended well,” Getman continued. “This was an exciting game against a very good team and it was a big win for our guys.”

    The goal occurred in the 105th minute when midfielder Two-Boys Gumede sent a cross off a free kick, which found the head of Monteiro. The Preseason All-Conference standout was then able to put the ball into the right side of the net, beating Irish goalkeeper Chris Cahill from six-yards out.

    UAB senior goalkeeper Jeremy Drake was outstanding in his first start since his freshman season. The Birmingham, Ala., native held one of the top scoring teams in the Big East last season without a goal for over 104 minutes, making eight saves on the night. He was aided by an experienced Blazer defense that helped preserve the shutout.

    “I thought Jeremy played a great game,” Getman said. “He made two outstanding saves and had eight for the game. Our entire defense played strong and helped earn this win for us.”

    UAB will next battle for the Mike Berticelli crown against seven-time national champions and 12th-ranked Indiana, which beat No. 8 Creighton, 1-0, in the Tournament’s opening round. The Blazers and Hoosiers will meet on Sunday, Aug. 27, at 11:30 a.m. The contests can be followed live on Gametracker, by logging onto UAB's official athletic website,, and clicking on the men's soccer schedule.
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    I'm not tryin' to be a dick, but this isn't how we post results on BigSoccer.

    Just write the names of the teams playing with an R in parenthesis to indicate a result, UAB-Notre Dame (r), for example.

    Don't put the score in the title thread and don't have a headline that indicates or implies a result for a particular team.

    Once you're posting in the thread, you can write whatever the hell kind of smack talk suits your fancy, but keep the results out of the thread.

    I realize most college games aren't on TV, but more and more are and you never know and this is a long-standing BS policy.
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    Aug 8, 2005
    Sandon you are being a dick about this. Like you said no TV so there is not spoiler here for people who watch the game. Last time I looked this was not a communist board defined by certain rigid rules.
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    Then look again. Read the sticky note by the Moderator at the top. It IS a board rule to not put scores in the title. This is a very common sport board rule. First time mistakes are fine but calling it "communist" and "rigid" is being a dick. It is common courtesy.

    Even if the games are not on TV, my son's team has a student manager that tapes the games and then downloads the highlights to his myspace site. I can go and catch a shortened version of the game and would prefer not to know the final score while doing that. This is becoming more and more common so a spoiler would not be welcomed.
  5. Fallsman

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    The Rules

    Sorry Gang,

    Wasn't aware. Am now. Point taken. Sorry.

  6. Newcollegewatcher

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    Aug 8, 2005
    I just don't like it. Certain games I could care less about but ones where there is an upset I would like to read about it. I consider it nice to have the score in the lead. This lets me know there is something unusual to read about. So we have to put a lead like Indiana vs xyz small university r. Well I automatically ignore it thinking Indiana killed them. If the score is in the lead like the UAB upset of Notre Dame this catches my attention and is worth the time to read. This is a great rule for the pro side of this board but not so good for the college game where there is no TV and so no spoiler involved. I personally think to take this interpretation to the amateur side and rigidly enforce it with nasty comments to poster is not needed. Like I said the rules are there for the pro side of the board and should be changed for amateur sections of the board where there is poor or nonexistent media coverage. The one exception for you and your sons team with some internet coverage for a very select few does not fit with the others who participate in this board.
  7. Fallsman

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    Aug 15, 2006
    Louisville, Ky.
    And I, for one, like just coming to the college board and scrolling down to see just scores. I don't always like to click in and read recaps, but just want to know who won.

    My two cents. I'll follow the rules UFN.


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    Then start your own board, and use different rules than BigSoccer rules.

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