U23 Players in MLS this week - 11/4 - Playoffs, Round 1 [R]

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by Nutmeg, Nov 5, 2003.

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    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11012003_NEMET&version=recap&lang=eng]Saturday:  New England 2-0 Metrostars[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Gaven   	44	0	0
    Clark       	90	0	0
    Magee       	30	0	0
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11012003_CHIDC&version=recap&lang=eng]Saturday:  Chicago 2-0 DCU[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Beasley   	90	0	0
    Mapp       	46	0	0
    Jaqua       	8	0	1
    Convey       	90	0	0
    Tino       	21	0	0
    Warren      	90	**5 Saves
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11012003_SJLA&version=recap&lang=eng]Saturday:  San Jose 0-2 Los Angeles[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Donovan   	90	0	0
    Walker   	15	0	0
    Lewis   	1	0	0
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11042003_KCCOL&version=recap&lang=eng]Tuesday:  Kansas City 1-1 Colorado[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Borchers       	90	1	0
    Becks       	90	0	1
    [b][color=blue]Borchers named Man of the Match[/color][/b]
    So this is when the wheat is seperated from the chaffe. No more token appearances, no more attaboys. If a player is getting time these days, it is because their coach feels they've earned it. A couple stepped up and proved their coaches right. Others were disappointing. There has been plenty of commentary regarding the Chicago @ DCU game, in which Warren, despite the loss, shined the brightest. Jaqua and Mapp also impressed in their limited time, while Bobby and Convey were never able to put their stamp on the game.

    Over in Los Angeles, Donovan and his fellow Quakes looked lost on the big HDC field. When Donovan's preferred running mate, DeRo, was replaced by Faria, it was apparent that the comfort level was nowhere near where it needed to be. I think Frank Yallop has been the best coach in MLS over the past three years, but I have to question why Walker, who had just scored against LA a week prior, was not put in when DeRo went down. Faria was a waste.

    And though few of us got to see it, Nat Borchers and Kyle Beckerman led the charge and notched the goal and assist in Colorado's equalizing goal. In what must have been a pressure game, Borchers came up big with MoM honors. You've got to start thinking that the sky's the limit with this kid.
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    I thought the Quakes perked up considerably when Walker came in and had a scoring chance or two turned away.

    Walker looked good, but did appear to have several very loose first touches. Still, he appears to be proof positive (as well as Borchers) that we need to consider that there's good talent lurking sometimes that the USSF hasn't uncovered.
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    Great finish by Borchers who crashed the goal like the best of them, but wonderful left-footed cross by Becks who served it on a platter, and otherwise had a fine all around game as well. (He took a couple of blasts from just beyond the 18 which Meola did well to save. Won't be too long before Beckerman is knocking them in consistently from long range IMHO.)
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    Feb 18, 2002
    In the interests of full disclosure, Borchers was also beaten for KC's goal.
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    Aug 21, 2003
    In the interests of full disclosure, Borchers was also beaten for KC's goal.

    it was on the side... where was hart??? borchers was the only one there!!!!!

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