U23 Players in MLS Playoffs - 2nd Leg [R]

Discussion in 'Youth National Teams' started by Nutmeg, Nov 10, 2003.

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    Aug 24, 1999
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11082003_COLKC&version=recap&lang=eng]Saturday:  Colorado 0-2 Kansas City[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Borchers       	90	0	0
    Becks       	90	0	0
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11092003_DCCHI&version=recap&lang=eng=eng]Sunday:  DCU 2-0 Chicago[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Convey       	90	0	0
    Tino       	60	0	0
    Warren      	90	**3 Saves
    Beasley   	90	0	1
    Pause       	11	0	0
    Jaqua       	30	0	0
    Gray       	29	0	0
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11092003_METNE&version=recap&lang=eng]Sunday:  New England 1-1 Metrostars[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Gaven      	90	0	0
    Clark       	90	0	0
    Magee       	56	0	0
    LeBlanc       	23	0	0
    [u][url=http://www.mlsnet.com/games/03/tracker.php?gamename=11092003_LASJ&version=recap&lang=eng]Sunday:  Los Angeles 2-5 San Jose[/url][/u]	
    Player Name	Minutes	Goals	Assists
    Donovan   	90	1	1
    Walker     	75	1	1
    Some of the young guns step it up, others take a seat and go home.

    Colorado's two young guys stood out as two of the better players on their team, but it wasn't enough as KC moved on. Beckerman really played a nice game from his attacking midfield spot when the Rapids bothered getting him involved. His passing was remarkably accurate, and K-Beck was placing dimes on long through balls, crosses, and every other type of pass you could think of. He set up a couple of nice sequences that resulted in dangerous opportunities, but it wasn't Colorado's night. Borchers was OK, but certainly not spectacular.

    DMB placed a nice ball on Razov's head with a one hop pseudo cross that sealed the deal in Chicago's victory over DCU. Jaqua came on late and was dangerous. Nate had a sweet combo going at the goal from the left wing and got off a shot that Doug Warren did well to save. Convey served as DCU's maturity leader, trying to get Stoichkov to STFU, but the Ballistic Bulgarian instead went apeshit on Bobby. WTF? Warren played OK and certainly couldn't be faulted on either goal, especially Ralph's strike of beauty. Tino and Warren really didn't stand out.

    Forget all the young guys Bradley threw out in a desperate attempt. Pat Noonan was the best young player on the soccer field today. His goal against the Metros today was one of the best goal sequences I have seen in a LONG time in MLS. He and the Revs got compacent as the game wore on, but Bradley's young bunch could do little about it. Bradley appeared to tinker with his lineup - putting Ricardo Clark at right back and Magee on the right wing. Given time, Clark could be the best right back in the US pool, but the do-or-die game of the year? Bad call, Bob.

    So a couple of days ago I finally decided to take the two week trial of Yahoo! Platinum. Best move I've made since choosing my wife's last birthday gift. I watched the most incredible MLS game I have ever seen. Ever. The best atmosphere, the best action, the best drama, the best game. Simply hair raising stuff today. In short, Landon Donovan, Jamil Walker, and (non U23) Richard Mulrooney put on the show of their lives for the best comeback in league history. Get the free trial. Watch the game. Even knowing the result, it will be a solid investment of your time.
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    Jul 30, 2001
    so I wonder if people will stop doubting Landon Donovan yet. Thats legend stuff he and his teamates pulled off last night.
  3. Sandon Mibut

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    Feb 13, 2001
    Beasley's cross was sweet. When he does nice things, they almost get taken for granted, especially within the context of the youth national team.

    Landon was inspirational. It wasn't just that he played well - he did - but that he was the leader on the field and didn't let his team quit.

    Beckerman really did play well. He's turned into a nice player. Credit to him for toiling through the tough times. Though his season is over, he can look back it as the one in which he established himself as a pro.

    Borchers is still the feel-good story of the year. His season is over, but it's hard for him to think of the year an anything but a glowing success.

    Warren made a couple of nice saves but could do nothing on Ralph's goal. (If you haven't seen it, do something to change that fact.) This experience has been great for him and, while he was on the losing end of a lot of scores, it's not like he was getting a lot of offensive support out there.

    Convey, as has been discussed elsewhere, needs to be viewed in two different contexts: pre and post Tottenham. This break, and the time he spends with the baby nats, will be a good time for him to get his head back into the game. That, and not having to play with Stoitchkov anymore!

    Jaqua, Gray and Pause all got minutes off the bench... God bless Dave Sarachan!

    Finally, Jamil Walker. This kid is FAST. I know the 23s are stacked at forward, but this kid can play. He is a reincarnation of Roy Lassiter, though with slightly better touch. He started yesterday but with the 23s he could be an off-the bench role player, running at tired legs in hot, humid Mexico or Greece.
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    Oct 11, 1999
    Aliso Viejo CA
    Jamil Walker was superb last night, great touch and speed.

    Another thing I like about him is he puts his head and body into some pretty dangerous places. Very brave player. May become the best partner for Landon up top at the Olympics.
  5. appoo

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    Jul 30, 2001
    I like Jamil Walker, he's a good player with a lot of athletic ability. But he's simply not as talented as Edson Buddle.

    Here's my u-23 Starting XI

    --Lewis---Gooch----Nat Borchers----????------

    My theory is a simple one, get your most talented players on the field. The thing I'd like to point with this lineup is that all the midfielders can be inter-changable. While Convey and Donovan are starting out on the flanks, there shouldn't be anything stopping them from going into the middle, dropping back for defensive help, or jumping forward to attack like crazy, or even swithcing sides. The same would go for Martino and Beasley. Its something the Dutch call total football and I think its the best answer to the riches we have in midfield. We're all so worried about putting guys in the right position that we sometime overlook the fact that the actual position isn't very important. Soccer is a fairly fluid game and sometimes, its best to take advantage of that with versatile players. None of those guys are dependant upon one foot, and all of those guys can, pass, shoot, cross (including DMB, he's gotten better), defend, and run. But I would like the Forwards to stay forward. Too many times our guys get so caught up in switching that we'll end up with 2 defenders, and 8 midfielders and no one infront of the net.
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    United States
    My problem with your lineup is that it puts Eddie Johnson on the field instead of Kyle Beckerman. While EJ may turn out to be the better player, even by the time of the Olympics, I just don't see it at this moment.
  7. appoo

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    Jul 30, 2001
    I suppose moving Donovan upfront as a forward instead of EJ and then inserting Beckerman would do the trick.
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    Aug 24, 1999
    The Olympics, like the WC, is a condensed, hardass little tournament that will require depth at a few positions. It won't be a matter of player A vs. player B. It will be a matter of players A, B, C, and D each contributing.

    How I see the Olympic depth chart:


    B. Davis


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