U-20 World Cup 2019

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    Yeah, just like Bernado, right?

    If Felix is next then why are giants scouting him? Benfica doesn't make these people scout our players, they continue to come because their scouts look at tape, analytics and numerous upon numerous of rounds of first person experience. It's a science. You think your boogey man Benfica makes these teams buy our players at gunpoint? Give your head a shake. Sometimes i wonder if you even know how soccer works, or maybe you do - but you just let your anti-benfica emotions topple it and just don't think logically. Who knows, only you do.

    Why do Felix' highlight videos on youtube have millions of views? I hope he doesn't leave, but there is something else to him. Benfica did not ruin Renato, Bayern looked at tape, analytics and first person experience and decided he was worth the value they paid. Bayern stunted his growth by not playing him and not loaning him out enough. He's still young, and his career is nowhere near over but he needs to leave Bayern. Rich teams are always risky for younger players because they are stacked with skill and the managers don't like to gamble with youth because their managing careers are on the line at a revolving door of a club when it comes to managers. They are scared. Unless the manager is incredibly skilled with younger players (Guardiola) and knows how to handle them. The work Guardiola did with Bernardo and how he handled him was just amazing to watch. Not all rich clubs have 5 star managers like that. They are hard to find and certainly are not plentiful.

    Everyone on the U-20 team was a colossal S**T show at this tournament. No exceptions. Felix not being there proves how valuable he really is. It was a team playing without its key part, and our manager did not know how to adapt to that or the problems our team was facing from game to game.
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    He clueless.. There many former Benfica players that have done well after leaving. Where as most Sporting players are terrible flops when they leave.
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    South Korea advancing to the final makes our result in this tournament all the more frustrating
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    We dominated all 3 games. If the ball doesn't go in what do you expect? The tournament was ours for the taking but these kids were way too confident and more concerned with social media than their opponents.

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