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    Oct 25, 2006
    Was listening to channel 125 on sirius the football show with Giorgio(i ruinend the NASL) chiapet and Charlie who gives a sh*** someone i never heard of. Whats wrong with soccer in america is that some executive decided to hire these two eurosnobs to do commentary on a show that is so against MLS, US Soccer and anything the USSF or MLS try to do. The are such morons it's unbeleivable some dumb things they said while listening

    1)soccer is not popular in France, therefore it doesn't need to be here.
    2)Charlie doesn't go to MLS games because he thinks he is as good as or better as MLS players, because he was an all american at princeton in the 80's...
    3)Every MLS front office is full of morons(direct quote from giorgio)
    4)the MLS league office is full of morons(driect quote from giorgio)
    5)The standard of play of LA galaxy is the exact same as the rest of MLS(obviously these two jack ninnies have never watched houston, DC, or NE play)
    6)the mls does not try and bring in talent besides becks(gomez, luciano, denilson, angel, scheltto, blanco, reyna, pavon, moreno, samuel, and others were conveniently left out of the conversation, not world beaters but good talented players)

    then charlie and giorgio were saying that the academies idea is a good idea but there arent any good coaches here so it will fail, then charlie COMPLETLEY contradicts himself and tells a story of when he went to coach his daughters team and the lady said he could not because he does not havea USSF license. SO he went on and on about how he was an all american, coached with bradley, yada yada yada. But charlie would you rather she let any tom, dick and harry(as Giorgio put it) coach soccer? or someone who has at least taken a weekend class and showed some interest by getting a USSF License. Not every coach who has volunteered was an all American, and just because you were an all American doesn't mean you know how to coach kids, thats the point you don't get. I never had a licensed coach growing up and im glad there enforcing that in some leagues, THAT IS GREAT CHARLIE!!!! I will never turn into this program again, these two guys no nothing about MLS, nothing about France, and im dumber for listening to these two morons. Please never listen to this program, ever.
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    I'm assuming the the "other guy" was Charlie Stillitano, CEO of ChampionsWorld, a company that clearly wants to compete with MLS/SUM for pro soccer mindshare in this country. No wonder he is bad mouthing them.
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    Apr 4, 2001
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    Champions World went out of business after two years or was run by these two guys, they overspent, and what finally killed them was the dip in attendance in the second go-around...

    Charlie was the GM of Metro during the first few years...he set the club back 20 years all by himself...and Gorgio has never been involved with the league or any of the clubs (who would want him)...

    Of course they are going to bad mouth was cast off for being shite, the other could never get included...

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    Oct 25, 2006
    this explains alot... but it sucks they have a podium to broadcast there bias views
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    I can't understand a word of Georgio's. It sounds like he has a chubby stuffed in his mouth when he talks.
  6. bbsbt

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    Feb 26, 2003
    Actually, it's stuffed up his ass.
    And so what you hear is really the harmonic resonance emanating from his ass, travelling up along the intestines and out thru his mouth.
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    Ah, my occasional reminder that all I need to start my own radio show is a bunch of venture capital that I can lose.
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    Anybody notice how Charlie Stillitano kisses Georgio's ass? He must say "George" every three words. At first I thought Georgio wasn't paying attention or something, that's why he always says his name.
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    Jan 8, 2008
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    I am so glad that someone actually posted about this. I have Sirius in my car and everytime I check to see if there's a WSD replay I hear these 2 morons. It has to be the most annoying possible thing you can ever listen to. That Georgio guy was linked with the mob like a year ago in an attempt to buy Lazio. I read it in World Soccer Magazine. The other Stilletano guy is so far up his ass it's ridiculous. Unless you're interested in hearing 2 uneducated humps talk about Serie A only don't waste your time on this.
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    I rarely get to listen to them because they don't podcast. I mean I'm not a fan of Cohen, but he's not this anti-MLS, because he finally realized that there is money in promoting other leagues outside of England.
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    Hell, all you need is some sort of recording device and a blogspot account and you're podcasting.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    Is this the same guy?

    "Chinaglia earned 14 caps with Italy, including two appearances at the 1974 FIFA World Cup"

    "to sign with the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League. With the Cosmos team that also featured Pelé and Franz Beckenbauer, Chinaglia won four league titles, and retired in 1983 with NASL's all-time leading scorer with 243 goals."

    "In 2000, Chinaglia was inducted into the United States National Soccer Hall of Fame "

    Here before you, here whilst you're beating one off to Ronaldo and here when you're gone.

    In the nicest possible way, go sit in your armchair and drool over the EPL.
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    That's the guy. And, the statement that he has never had anything to do with MLS or any of its clubs is 100% true.

    He earned his place in the Hall of Fame for his on-field talent, not anything he has done or said since. He's been nothing but an ignorant, self-promoting blowhard whose hatred of MLS is almost as well-documented as your Wikipedia gleanings. He has done nothing, as in, NOT ONE DAMNED THING for soccer in the US since the last time he kicked a ball in a real game a generation ago. Everything the game is and has and means in this country today is in spite of his efforts, not because of them.

    What any of this has to do with the EPL completely escapes me.

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