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Discussion in 'Euro 2024 - Referee' started by Pierre Head, Jun 15, 2024.

  1. Pierre Head

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    Dec 24, 2005
    Very pleased to see that FOX has decided to use a "refereeing expert" who has actually refereed top level and international matches. Makes a huge change in credibility from the previous person who had never been an international referee. Now CBS needs to do the same getting someone with comparable experience a the level they comment on.
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    Uh if you've listened to half of the crap Clattenburg has said over the years on these broadcasts you might think different. Also refs like Mike Dean and Peter Walton make absolute fools of themselves regularly on TV. I agree it's better than "Dr. Joe" but not sure why the apparent shot at Christina Unkel is needed.
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  3. RedStar91

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    Sep 7, 2011
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    Agree. I'm not a huge fan of Christina, but she did have a FIFA badge for a couple of years. Was she a great referee? Probably not, but she is still pretty qualified.

    Clattenburg is awful.
  4. Pierre Head

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    Dec 24, 2005
    Not at the level she works at, but I agree more qualified than FOX's previous person.
    And there are plenty of people in the US with better experience than she has who could be used. But I know eye-candy may be important to their perceived audience.

    Not many will agree with you here. Can't get much better from the experience viewpoint, which was my point compared to FOX's previous "expert."

  5. MassachusettsRef

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    You should be embarrassed by this. No one should take this bait and we aren’t going down this path. She’s an accomplished referee and attorney. Come on.

    The idea that good referee skills translates into good broadcasting skills is as silly as the idea that good referees make good administrators. It’s a distinct skill. Some will like Clattenburg and others won’t.

    Machnik was poor all-around. Other than for comedic purposes he didn’t belong. If you want to just take shots at him, you won’t find any pushback and probably can do it directly without dancing around his name. But the misogyny goes no further.
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    Major "and you want to be my latex salesman?" energy in this thread
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    The CBS Sports Director hit a home run selecting the entertaining pregame quartet of Kate Abdo, Henry, Micah Richards and Jamie Carragher. Did he "strike out" with Christina Unkel? I don't believe so.

    He was looking for someone well spoken (check), officiated at a high level (check), good personality (check) and won't talk over the heads of their target audience (check)...and probably has a good agent like Machnik did. Are there plays she could been better at or more in depth like the one in the CL where the Polish AR had his flag up "early"? Definitely. Again, they're catering to a broad audience not familiar with officiating terminology, so you have to remember who their target audience is as it's certainly not us.

    Regarding being eye candy. All of the NFL Networks admittedly have such "sideline analysts" who provide you nothing when they go down to the field for a few seconds, but her gender was not the determining factor to be selected as a rules analyst.

    I'm not fan of Clattenburg, as he usually mumbles as if he just walked out of a pub, is difficult to understand with his accent and won't go on the line with what way he believes a VAR decision will go. In the games he's come on so far, and it's only been two days, I've been pleasantly surprised as he appears to be speaking clearer, conciser and not rambling like he did before.

    One of the best referees in the NFL was 24 year vet Mike Carey. CBS hired him to be a rules analyst 10 years ago similar to Fox' Mike Perreira after retirement. Poor guy would freeze when trying to explain what was going on. He was basically fired at halftime of Super Bowl 50 as he sounded petrified when the announcers asked him what the crew was looking for on a replay of a catch/no-catch and as he usually did, he wrongly predicted an obvious outcome.

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