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Discussion in 'Turkey' started by yeniceri, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. yeniceri

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    Oct 16, 2003
    chestnutridge new york
    I've noticed that there are many turkish league fans on this site yet bearly any threads here.
    So figure i'll start one and hopefully we'll get something going.
    i'd like to open up a subject about a problamatic position on the national which is the right wing.
    I'm sure as all of you have noticed okan isn't exactly up to snuff these days, and considering the fact about 7 guys would have to drop dead for him to even get into an inter game we have serious issues at the position. I think at this time umit davala would be an excellent replacement short as karadeniz has not proven his worth at the highest level. Hopefully within the next few years either okan koc, sabri , or altinop will take over the right wing positon. My question is who do you think is most likely to take that roll in the next few years between these 3 young up and commers..
  2. Clan

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    Apr 23, 2002
    Welcome to the boards.
    There are many Turkish posters on Bigsoccer-but they post in quite a few different places.
    Some regular posters with Turkish interest are needed to make a "home" for your passion.

    If you continue to post, others will also.
  3. gantelo

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    Aug 9, 2003
    First Okan played regularly for Inter last year and with all the summer signings they, he cant find a place in the starting 11. But it is not his fault. They wanted to use the new signings and see what they could bring in. Actually Inter is a very good team and now that Cuper idiot has gone, I think they will attack more and play some football. Okan was in the match squad for all of the games. so there is no need for 7 guys to die before he can start, I think one man will do it. And also he played more than average for Turkey in the last games. He was one of the few guys who had a decent game against England in my opinion.
    I think Okan Koc is not the answer because he doesnt play regularly for Besiktas and the reason is, they play with a 32 years old Polish guy who doesnt even play in Poland NT. He doesnt have a defensive game and the style we play in the national team requires a more defensive right winger. Actually we play without wingers if Hakan Sukur and Nihat plays together. They put Nihat to right and his capacity is limited there. We suffer because Nihat doesnt play in forward and we suffer because he plays in the right wing.
    So basically we need a player who can play in both ends of the pitch like Emre and now the most likely candidate is Serkan Balcý of Genclerbirligi or Sabri.
    IMO, the biggest problem is with our central defenders. Now Bulent is old and we know how much Alpay can offer to the team, we really need to find someone in the coming years and I see no one with the ability to play in this level. Servet was okay but now he doesnt play in Fenerbahce.
  4. yeniceri

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    Oct 16, 2003
    chestnutridge new york
    excellent post
    but about okan koc i know he is nowhere near ready i was speaking about the future its difficult the doubt the potential of okan sabri or altintop for the future
    hopefully one of them will step it up big time in the next 4 years. We sure could use it
  5. molosztash

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    Aug 17, 2003
    Istanbul, Turkey
    I think the solution for Latvia matches is Gökdeniz Karadeniz. He is very talented, but can't show his talents because Trabzon is not a good team. He was fantastic in Confederations Cup. He must book the place in the right week.

    The future replacements will be Okan Koç and Serkan Balcý. They both play very well. I couln't watch any of the Altýntops yet.

    Nihat isn't the answer. Pity that Deynouix trusts him more than Gunes.

    But whatever we talk, Gunes will choose the 11 out of 11 players only. Nothing can change his mind. Let me mention it. Rustu - Ibrahim, Alpay, Bulent, Fatih - Emre, Tugay, Yýldýray, Okan - Hakan, Nihat.

    That's it. I hope for a shock against Latvia, and see Gunes kicked out. And Hope Rasit Cetiner replaces him. Or Aykut Kocaman.

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