Turf allowed in UEFA?

Discussion in 'Premier League: News and Analysis' started by Alan_V, Nov 11, 2004.

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    This article is from my local rag. Hadn't seen anything on it on websites I follow. Anybody heard anything else/different??

    From Register news services

    UEFA, European soccer's ruling body, said it will allow competitive matches to be played on artificial turf starting next season.

    The decision was made by the association's executive committee in Vienna, Austria, after studies about the sporting and medical implications of using artificial playing surfaces, UEFA said on its Web site.

    Teams in Scotland, Austria, Russia and Scandinavia already use synthetic turf for domestic games, and England's Football Association is poised to lift its ban on artificial surfaces, the Sunday Telegraph said this weekend.
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    yeah, what websites are you visiting.....

    I read this on uefa.com and on soccer365.com

    so try those sites
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    I don't like plastic fields, I have seen to many nasty injuries on that stuff, but since I live in Cali, I have never ever played on a frozen field. How does the avergae English fan feel about this, or is this a none issue? IMHO, i think it will reduce slide tackling, one of the most beautiful defensive moves in the game.
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    Check in the Uefa forum.
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    Frozen fields are horrible to play on. The new 'field turf' is quite a good surface. I have played on it a few times, and it is perfect. I didn't have a problem sliding on it. It left some marks, but no worse than a bumpy field would have done.
    This wouldn't be an issue at the professional ranks if Britain had a winter break where they can resod the field without any use of the fields. All the teams on the continent will use their breaks for resodding and rarely run into field problems like they do in Britain.
  6. Clan

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    Unless it's improved remarkably - and i do mean very REMARKABlY - anybody that ever went to Loftus Road will tell you what shyte they are.

    Yes, that was over 20 years ago - but, it was a joke.
  7. Wingtips1

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    Yes, the old astroturf was shiite, but the new stuff is quality, plays just like grass.

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