Turd of the Week (#143)

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    Jul 28, 1999
    Turd of the Week (#143)

    * It was not eating that mattered, but flight
    * Two Years Ago This Week
    * Rodney Dangerfield of the Week
    * Kevin, that's a caution
    * Kevin, that is not a caution
    * Shocking Development of the Week
    * Hero of the Week
    * Quote of the Week
    * Headline of the Week
    * Be careful what you ask for
    * Slam of the Week
    * Professional fouls
    * 7th Sign of the impending Apocalypse
    * Weekly Blotter
    * Dingleberry of the Week
    * Don't fool with Mother Nature
    * Turd of the Week

    Excerpt: "This is not your ordinary 'We lost because the ref sucked!' BigSoccer whinge."


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