Turd of the Week (#141)

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    Jul 28, 1999
    Late this week because CoreComm/Voyaget.net blows monkies. Do not give them your money ...

    Turd of the Week (#141)

    * Dingleberry of the Week
    * Quote of the Week
    * An undisclosed US military location sucks ...
    * Rongen rises from the dead, dies
    * Shady MLS Deal of the Week
    * Compare & Contrast
    * Hypocrite of the Week
    * Hero of the Week
    * Slam of the Week
    * The Genius that is Nick
    * Deep-Slurping Suck of the Week
    * The Song Remains the Same
    * Weekly Blotter
    * Three Years Ago This Week
    * Referee of the Week
    * He's ba-a-ack ...
    * Turd of the Week

    Excerpt: "Sepp Blatter has yet to announce any reparations."


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