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Discussion in 'BigSoccer Shop' started by thegeneral, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Nov 29, 2006
    I'm looking to get some answers on the TUNIT cleats that you sell.

    Does a wide upper need a wide lower?
    Do the different years of uppers and lowers go together? Are they universal or do some go with others?
    How do the boots fit together.
    What kind of lower should I get if I play on sand and turf.

    Thanks. I'd probably buy from you if you can answer those questions. I've asked more than once in the forums, but because boots don't get their own forum, only threads, it's pretty much useless to ask a question.
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    Strictly speaking, boots do have their own forum here: https://www.bigsoccer.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=1296

    There's even an adidas thread with lots of good information there:

    Your questions would probably be better suited to the adidas boots thread since they aren't specifically related BigSoccer Shop, but we'll make a one-time exception and answer them here since you haven't been able to find help elsewhere.

    Welcome to the magic of the adidas TUNIT system! You can pair any upper (even this year's wide last) with any chassis (last year's chassis are just fine).

    The boots come in three parts: upper, chassis, and studs. (Technically there are more than three parts depending on how you count the sock liner/insole, studs, and stud key, which are also needed to complete the shoe.) The upper and chassis have holes that align for assembly. The studs are fitted into the holes and tightened with the stud key. It's more or less self explanatory once you have everything laid out in front of you.

    First, get the upper, sockliner, chassis, and stud key of your choice. Then get two sets of studs. Adidas hasn't designed a stud set for sand or turf. If you want to stick with the TUNIT system, you could try the soft ground (longer) studs for sand and the hard ground (shorter) studs for turf play. For the best results on sand, we'd normally recommend an even longer stud designed for extra traction. Of course, adidas has a special line of footwear designed just for turf.

    We hope the information above is useful to you. Please feel free to contact the Help Desk if you need additional assistance.

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