Tunisia/Morocco in 2010?

Discussion in 'Business and Media' started by saabrian, Aug 12, 2002.

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    I've read several posts suggesting that Tunisia, Morocco or both should host World Cup 2010.

    TUNISIA: Tunisia is a geographically tiny country and it's unlikely that they have enough large stadia to host the WC by itself. It is also a one-party police state, which its rivals would surely make great hay of.

    MOROCCO: I don't know if Morocco has enough large stadia but I'm assuming they're close if they put together a bid for 2006; I could be wrong. Unlike many people arguing this thread, I won't say "I don't about x but I'm going to spend several paragraphs pandering to people's pre-conceived opinions on x anyway." I will say that it probably has a sufficient hotel infrastructure since it's a very popular destination for European tourists. It also has the advantage of being very close to Europe and in a comparable time zone to western Europe. I don't know if it has the telecommunications infrastructure needed to host a WC, that's certainly a question.

    JOINT BID: I don't think would ever happen. The two countries are not contiguous and are separated by Algeria. Algeria and Morocco have long had poor diplomatic relations so that could hamper travel between Morocco and Tunisia.

    As from Euro-centric bias, the biggest practical concern to any of these bids or an Egypt bid would be heat. As you'd expect, these countries get obscenly hot in the day time. Internationals in North Africa are almost always held in the evening (ex: all of Morocco's and Tunisia's WC home qualifiers started at 7 PM local time). Even if you allowed matches to start at 4:00 or 4:30 PM (still pretty bloody hot), it would take some serious logistical work to make it happen, if it could be pulled off at all. And there were enough complaints about the daytime heat during the most recent African Nations Cup in Mali.

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