tsk tsk.. football these days..

Discussion in 'Football' started by hanul21, Jul 11, 2005.

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    my love for Football kinda died down after the Dallas Cowboys broke up.
    Troy retiring as well as Michael Irvin. Emmitt going to Cardinals and then retiring. Deion Sanders retiring and joining my most hated team the Ravens. Madden buying NFL rights to making games so ESPN or Gameday or Blitz cant make any more games for football. these days football is getting confusing now. Kurt Warner was great for a couple of years and now he kinda sucks. Marshall Faulk, what happened to him? michael vick isnt that great of a passer but he is awesome at running, why not make him a running back instead? why cant there be a qb whos awesome at passing like Jill Kelly, Dan Marino, John Elway, Steve Young? i mean peyton manning, hes the only exception. games these days take forever, and i heard somewhere no more monday night football on abc. what the hell? and also, i remember seeing one game on monday night football, jason elam kicked a field goal and it was like something special to him, like that was his 10,000th point or something, i dunno, but that 3 points was monday night football's 50,000th point or somethin and they took the ball away from him. thats just not right.. please God help the NFL.. even arena football is becoming more interesting than NFL
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    By this post you obviously know fuk all about football

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