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Discussion in 'Women's College' started by Almost done, Jan 21, 2020.

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    we must not lose sight of the fact that College, for almost all, is more than just soccer. Transfers can occur for many non soccer reasons as well.
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    CPThomas, in the example you mentioned I would understand. A coach takes over a debacle and has to quickly get rid of a bunch of kids that can't play at that level somehow and they end up on the portal. I could see your example being the case for a high amount of transfers for the first 1-2 years. What I wouldn't expect is for TWELVE transfers to occur in years 6-7. That is a big red flag. Club coaches and parents will be very wary of that. The recruiting process is hard enough as it is, why go through it again?

    I agree that the example Eddie K mentions is more prevalent. Coaches with the high transfer rates like a West Virginia will bring a bunch of kids and then they ship out the ones that don't pan out by the end of freshman or sophomore year. Coaches that care about their kids typically do a good job to evaluate them in the recruiting process and then make their experience a worthwhile one once on campus.
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    Depends how much you like soccer.
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    Transfers are about money too, if the initial coaching fit is not working but they are still picking up conference achievements as a 1st or 2nd year, what are their chances of finding a better fit for the remainder of their eligibility on another P5 conference team?
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