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Discussion in 'LA Galaxy' started by Flagreekguy, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Flagreekguy

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    Aug 13, 2007
    I know i've already said this before but i've got to make mention about this as a serious subject in order to help this guy out.

    Someone please tell harmse when passback pete or beck's or cobi pass the ball back to him he doesnt have treat the situation as if it's a threat in the box and he feels obligated to launch the ball into concourse B parking lot.

    Am I the only one who notices this? everytime he gets the ball it's like a trigger in his brain that goes off to force him to kick the ball as far away from human life as possible.

    Even when we're just trying to play ball control and we pass it back to him BAM there it goes. thanks harmse.

    Ever see him get in the middle of a challenge? IN THE MID FIELD? here comes harmse. BAM............ thanks harmse.

    I'll bet he's the most responsible for frequent light changing in HDC with as hard as he fires those things like a rocket and his foot is the launcher.

    Can we work on his first touch? cause he missed that part in gym class.
  2. dashiel

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    Jul 15, 2000
    orange county
    what your seeing is pete vagenas's affect on harmse. take a look back earlier in the season and indeed during some of the super liga matches where pete wasn't in the game. harmse is wicked composed and plays some brilliant one-touch football (for a perfect example go watch the first chivas game).

    vagenas's constantly poor positioning and bad passes make anyone next to him look worse.
  3. Regal

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    Aug 10, 2007
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    I was there in the GA section (the 1st Chivas game of 2007). Yes, Harmse impressed me. If I remember correctly, Harmse scored the second goal in that game, after he dribbled thru the heart of the Chivas' defense and stabbed in a nice goal. The third goal was a beautiful Donovan-Jones combo. Where have the good days gone?
  4. sacris00

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    Mar 30, 2007
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    How to use a right cross?:D

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