Trades at Season's Eend for Draft Picks to Rebuild

Discussion in 'New York Red Bulls' started by Metrosuccess, Oct 25, 2003.

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    For Bob to be at his best it is obvious selecting and developing young players thru the draft is his way. To re build this team we need to eliminate guys that have not thrived and add draft picks so Bob can do his magic and get us where we need to be scoring goals again obvious. We need picks in 2004 as we lost some at last year's drafting table to acquire players he wanted.

    Here are some proposed players and possible fair draft choices for each:

    Clint Mathis: Let's try and get a high #1 and also a#2 for this National Team leader. Worn out his welcome with us with poor play in big games.

    Craig Ziadie: Let's try and get a late #1 or #2 for this National team player for Jamaica who can play Def or midfield. Worn out welcom with Bob as is in doghouse.

    Boca Boys: Get anything we can for these two promising young Argentinians, maybe a 3rd rounder for each. No PT with us but should be able to play in MLS, at least Galvan has talent.

    Moreno: Try and get a 1st or 2nd rounder for this promising, if healthy SI. May just need a change of scenery if healthy. Too slow for us.

    Jusko: Try and get a 2nd rounder for this Polish National Team seasoned forward. Too slow for us.

    Arena; try and get a 4th rounder for this son of National team coach who might actually get you brownie points from his Dad for future use. Too slow for us.

    Digi: If can get a low 1st or high 2nd rounder might be worth it if Bob has a player he wants in the draft. Edgar has passed him bye.

    Richie W.: try and get a 3rd rounder as he might give some young team a leader it needs. Too slow for us.

    Tell me what you think though I know I might be overrating some of these guys.
  2. Blong

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    Oct 29, 2002
    Midwest, the real one.
    You guys want Wolff? ;)
  3. pepe_pupu

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    Feb 4, 2003
    I would think not.... he's been very injury prone lately...
  4. In Bob We Trust

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    Jan 5, 2003
    i was upset before the season we werent able to get wolff, i think he's the perfect type of forward for this team...unfortunately, his penchant for injuries makes it really hard to give up much value or pay him a high salary...

    anyways, while id rather be focusing on the playoffs and not who we should be trading...i have to admit i am curious, hows the talent in the upcoming draft class looking?...i think part of talking about acquiring extra picks is having guys in the draft we want to target...anyone at all familiar with how the draft is shaping up?
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    You are over rating every one of these players, Williams and Moreno wouldn't be picked up for free by most teams at this point. They are both on the downside of their careers and have cap numbers not quite fitting their current contributions.
    SI spots are preferably used by players who can be corner stones of the team, Jusko, Moreno, and the Boca boys certainly don't fit that. No one would take them for free, let alone the crazy idea that you'd get a #1 for them.
    Remember at the time of the Wolff trade he was a USMNT fixture, young, and had showed he could play in MLS. Yet the Fire could only get a mid/late #1 for him, cap numbers KILL trades.
    Arena? uhh...yeah, thats a strech to say the least...
    Digi won't go for a number of reasons, first off he isn't really good, and another player with a higher cap number then he deserves. But its bigger then that, I don't think you'll see MLS allowing teams to trade players returning from Europe. Part of the selling point to these players is the ability to settle in with a family. MLS tries to coddle these players as much as possible (see Earnie Stewart) which is fine, but they don't want to lose that selling point of allowing a player to settle down, because rarely do they have the ability to match dollars with European offers.
    Ziadie might get a pick, but I'd imagine a #2, I don't view him as better then Diego Gutierez and look what the Fire had to settle for in that deal.
    Mathis...uhh...Most think he will go to Europe, so perhaps an allocation, but then again, perhaps not, I'm not sure on your allocation numbers...
    Basically I don't think you'll see many moves for draft picks this offseason. First of all there never were to begin with, but the performance of rookies this year (Ralph, Dunivant, Clark, and Noonan come to mind) from all parts of the draft tells me that draft picks will be even more carefully guarded in the offseason. The talent avaliable in the draft seems to be getting deeper and better by the year....

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