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    Nov 30, 2017
    Hello fellow soccer-fans,

    We developed our new platform, that enables you to vote on all important match results.
    Your votes will be saved and compared to the actual results of the football matches.

    Therefore, we developed a new rating system which goes from 0% to 100%.
    Here is how the rating system works:
    - 70% for the correct tendency.
    - 15% for the local team score.
    - 15% for the visitor team score.​

    A few examples:

    Result -----Your prediction---Score:
    2-0 ---------2-0 -------------------100%
    1-0 ---------2-1 ---------------------70%
    0-0 ---------1-1 ---------------------70%
    2-0 ---------2-1 ---------------------85%
    0-0 ---------1-0 ---------------------15%
    1-4 ---------1-1 ---------------------15%

    On average you should score 50%.
    So if you manage to average way above that you are a real expert!

    Right now you can vote on all matches of :
    - Premier League
    - Champions League
    - LaLiga
    - Bundesliga
    - Serie A
    - Ligue 1
    - Europa League​

    Voting does require no account and the next upcoming matches are right on the main page.

    We would appreciate if you gave our site a shot as we invested 6 months to develop it.

    Click to check it out
    and follow us on Twitter to stay updated!

    We appreciate any kind of feedback on:
    - usability
    - design
    - rating system
    - improvements
    - or whatever you want to mention!​

    If you like our site, you could help us tremendously by sharing our site with your friends.

    Have fun and good predictions,

    Your ExtendYourView-Team
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