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    Apr 27, 2004
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    Apr 27, 2004
    Trabzonspor playing very nice football with under the Senol Gunes .

    The Turkish master of tactician is the One that Trabzonspor missed in last few seasons...

    Since Senol Gunes start with the club, Trabzonspor performance every week rising and their game style is one realy must watch as a footy fan in this league.

    Trabzonspor finished not bad position in last season, they take to the uefa cup spot. Aswell they won the Turkish FA and Turkish Super Cup last season.
    Kudos to Senol Gunes and his builded team.

    The new season in the league race started good for them, but, in the uefa cup competitions, they met with Liverpool.

    Actualy Trabzonspor played a decent footy in both leg, but, lost the round with unlucky goals.

    The season starting camp and league season past weeks showed that , the Colombian goal scorer Teofilo is in high joy with his scoring goals festivale....
    The Coach and chairman realy believed him since day one, and its time to prove that Teo shows who he is potential...aka; the golazo.

    Teo is the most goal scorer at the moment in the club in new season journey, and He is at the top of the table in the goal rank too.
    Lets see how long he will keep going so well like this....

    The realty is nice to view:
    Teo started very well to the new season , He finaly scores goals in the league game too.

    Alonside Teo, I think Yattara and Alanzinho started very well too, to the new season.
    Aswell young talented golie Onur too.

    good luck to the Black Sea Storm..aka; Trabzonspor.

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    Apr 27, 2004
    Tonight league game;

    Trabzonspor vs Manisaspor....
    venue; Avni Aker Stadium. Trabzon city.

    Manisaspor signed new coach. Hikmet Karaman. they have a young and talented squad, I wonder how this combinations will works out.

    Lets hope good footy from both side and as much as many goals to see...

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    Apr 27, 2004
    DUFC Official Sister Club of Trabzonspor

    Turkish Super Lig club accepts Drogheda United as official sister club.

    -DUFC Official Sister Club of Trabzonspor.


    Drogheda United FC is delighted to announce that top Turkish Super Lig club Trabzonspor has accepted Drogehda United as its official sister club.
    This announcement paves the way for greater co-operation between the two clubs and indeed between the town of Drogheda and Turkey generally.

    It is a tremendous honour to have the relationship between Drogheda United and Trabzonspor cemented in this manner and shows the friendship and respect that the clubs have developed over the last number of years.

    The news comes on the back of a visit by a top Turkish news agency to Hunky Dorys Park a number of weeks ago and discussions between both clubs culminating in the Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs putting the proposal to the Directors of Trabzonspor.

    Speaking about the announcement, Director Roisin Phillips said '' We have been overhelmed by the goodwill shown to us by the supporters and those involved in Trabzonspor and hope that this latest development will lead to a number of further exciting initiatives over the coming months''.

    -Click here to visit the official Trabzonspor site:

    News Search:

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    I am very curious about this club although I know very little of any club outside of istanbul.

    I see they have a plus 30 goal difference. Are they just beating up on the poor clubs to make those stats look better than they are or are they that good at attractive offensive style football? I ask as that is the style of play I prefer.
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    Aug 28, 2008
    We are fantastic people :) Trabzonspor is the biggest in Turkey.
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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Feb 5, 2015
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    Feb 5, 2015
    Trabzonspor new stadium construction | Akyazı Stadı new photo's and video

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