Top 5 All time African World Cup teams

Discussion in 'Africa' started by EdsonArantes, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. EdsonArantes

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    Apr 6, 2006
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    Some may say this should be in the Africa forum, but hardly anyone reads that...

    Rank the top 5 African World Cup teams...

    1) 1990 Cameroon team...Of course. Led by Roger Milla, made it all the way to the quarterfinals. Can't forget Milla's goal celebrations.

    2) 1994 Nigeria team...surprised the world, won the group of death, narrowly lost to R. Baggio and Italy in the round of 16.

    3) 2002 Senegal team...made it to the quarterfinals in first world cup, beat defending champions France, narrow lost to Turkey for a spot in the semis.

    4) 1998 Nigeria team...once again qualified for round of 16, advanced from the group of death AGAIN, won a classic match against Spain, before being thrashed by Denmark.

    5) 2002 Nigeria team...I KNOW what you are thinking...this team only scored one goal, exited in the first round at the bottom of their group, and only managed one could they be in the top 5? However, Nigeria was (once again) in the group of death, this time in possibly one of the most difficult groups of all time! Their groupmates included Sweden, Argentina, and England! They drew 0-0 with England, only lost to Argentina 1-0, and lost to Sweden 2-1 due to a PK! Imagine what this team could have done with just a little more luck...In such a tough group, three ties may have been enough to advance...

    Rank your top five...
  2. vancity eagle

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    Apr 6, 2006
    I would put Morocco 98 ahead of Nigeria 2002. Morocco 98 with Hadji in his prime played some beautiful attacking soccer, if it wasn't for Norway beating Brazil because of a bullsh87 penalty then they would have advanced. They finished their group play spanking Scotland 3-0.
    Although they haven't performed yet, I think talent wise Ivory Coast 2006 is the best team since Nigeria 94.
  3. scaryice

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    Jan 25, 2001
    Algeria 1982
  4. Dwbakke

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    Jun 10, 2004
    Arlington, VA
    Besides the five mentioned in the first post, here are some other possibilities:

    1982 Algeria: You probably know the story - shocked West Germany in the opener, lost to Austria, then beat Chile 3-2. But Austria and the Germans didn't play until a day later, and knowing that a 1-0 Germany win would send both of them, kicked the ball around the pitch for 80 minutes.

    1986 Morocco: Tied Poland and England (both 0-0) and beat Portugal 3-1 to win the group, lost to Germany in the round of 16 on an amazing Matthaeus free kick in the 88th minute. They were the first African team to get out of their group. Not much offense or star power but they defended better than a lot of other African teams. And Goalkeeper Badou Zaki was fantastic all tournament, especially in the Germany game when he singlehandedly denied the Germans for 87 minutes.

    1998 Morocco: Tied Norway in a game they really outplayed the Norwegians in, got hammered by Brazil (not the only team that happened to), and crushed Scotland 3-0. Only got knocked out because Norway somehow rallied to beat Brazil 2-1. They played some of the better soccer in the early stages of WC 98, and were unfortunate to go out.

    It's hard to rank the 82 and 86 teams since I never saw them play (so I might be biased towards the more recent teams, but here's a go:
    1. Cameroon 1990
    2. Nigeria 1994 (I think this team might have been better than the Cameroon team but they just couldn't defend well enough to hold that lead against Italy)
    3. Senegal 2002: making the quarterfinals is still a big accomplishment, though the 1998 and 2002 Nigeria teams were more talented.
    4. Nigeria 1998: So much talent and such a good start, but that blowout loss to Denmark was a bad way to go out. The problem is, this team seemed to get worse as the tournament went on after hitting their peak in the opener.
    5. Morocco 1986: They did make the second round, and won their group, despite a lack of individual talent outside of Zaki. That puts them ahead of Nigeria 2002 for sure. I think Algeria 82 and Morocco 98 were better than Nigeria 02 also

    If anyone has more to add on the 82 Algeria and 86 Morocco teams, I'd love to hear it.

    JAIME CHILE Member+

    Apr 26, 2006
    V.Alemana y Stgo
    Cobreloa Calama
    Nat'l Team:
    1.Cameroon 90

    2.Senegal 02

    3.Nigeria 94

    4.Nigeria 98

    5.Morocco 86
  6. Ismitje

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    Dec 30, 2000
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    Nat'l Team:
    United States
    I watched all four of Morocco's games in 1986 - I vividly remember yelling at the tv when I saw them set up a misplaced wall as Lothar Mattheus lined up the kick. "No! No! No!" - I could see the near post beckoning, and sure enough, West Germany scored with two minutes remaining to advance at Morocco's expense. Good squad, all domestic players save one or two.

    If you want to consider good teams that didn't advance, Egypt in 1990 tied Holland, tied Ireland, and lost to England 2-1 in that year's group of death.
  7. maitre

    maitre New Member

    Apr 1, 2005
    Cameroon 82
    Cameroon 90
    Senegal 2002
    Nigeria 94
    Algeria 82
  8. Maruti

    Maruti New Member

    May 14, 2006
    Come on? What about Cameroon 1982. Drew all three games (including games with the two best teams of the tournament Poland and Italy), dominated two of the three games played (with Peru and with Poland), missed out by goals scored to Italy, despite having a tough group.

    What about Ivory Coast 2006 and Ghana 2006? They may have lost out in the end but were exceptional teams to watch.

    As far as team is concerned Cameroon 2002 were probably the best ever African team at a World Cup. But they didn't perform and crapped out when it mattered. Nonetheless like no other team before them they could have actually won the World Cup and no one would have been surprised.
  9. Dwbakke

    Dwbakke Member

    Jun 10, 2004
    Arlington, VA
    I think this team was probably pretty good but I'm too young to have seen them play and have no idea about any of the players on that team, so it's hard for me to say much about them.

    Ivory Coast probably is among the best, but key defensive lapses (like Nigeria 94) and the inability to finish doomed them. So much talent and a team that proved they could play with anyone in the world, but things like Baky Kone inexplicably keeping van Nistlerooy onside and Drogba blowing a breakaway in that game, not to mention the defensive breakdowns in the Serbia game, kept them from the elite. Just like their breakdowns in qualifying against Cameroon. I'd like their chances in a tournament among all these teams, but on performance it's hard to rate them #1.

    Ghana 06 was a good team, much more solid than a lot of "talented" African teams like Nigeria in their heyday (due mostly to Essien and the midfield) but with issues at striker and in defense. I think Senegal 02 and Ghana 06 would be a tough-to-call matchup. I think Ivory Coast 06 would likely beat either of them, though.

    Agreed, that team was the most talented we've seen from Africa (followed closely by Nigeria 98, then Nigeria 02 and Ivory Coast 06), but their organizational problems in the run-up just devastated them. It's hard to say what would have happened if all that crap hadn't happened to them, but they certainly didn't respond well enough to the adversity.

    How interesting would this travel-through-time tournament be, though? Any predictions?

    Group A
    Cameroon 90
    Algeria 82
    Nigeria 02
    Egypt 90

    Group B
    Nigeria 98
    Ghana 06
    Cameroon 02
    Tunisia 78

    Group C
    Senegal 02
    Morocco 86
    Ivory Coast 06
    Cameroon 98

    Group D
    Nigeria 94
    Morocco 98
    Cameroon 82
    South Africa 02
  10. Maruti

    Maruti New Member

    May 14, 2006
    It was basically the 1990 squad with a much younger and in much better form Roger Milla. Possibly one of the best defences in African history. But they needed the 8 years to learn how to effectively score goals.

    Lets see:

    Group A
    1. Cameroon 90
    2. Egypt 90
    3. Algeria 82
    4. Nigeria 02

    Very tough group. Your time warp group of death. I would however give it to the in form Cameroonians of 1990 and the Egypt of 1990. Algeria comes close, but Egypt in 1990 was the team to beat in Africa. Nigeria 2002 is a team of immense talent, but organisational issues hamper their chance to perform. They would however be the dark horses of the group very easily getting theit crap together and beating ALgeria's or Egypt's arse. Cameroon 1990 is out of reach.

    Group B
    1. Cameroon 02
    2. Ghana 06
    3. Nigeria 98
    4. Tunisia 78

    Tough call again. Tunisia is the outsider and I see her losing al three games. Nigeria 1998 and Cameroon 2002 are two teams that were king of the hill, wth Ghana the outsider. I predict either Cameroon or Nigeria choking, this time around I'll put it to Nigeria.

    Group C
    1. Ivory Coast 06
    2. Senegal 02
    3. Morocco 86
    4. Cameroon 98

    Much easier. Ivory Coast 2006 dominates. Too much talent for the rest of the group. Second place goes to Senegal 2002. Cameroon is a team just forming and not yet ready to achieve, whilst Morocco 1986 just wouldn't cut the cake with Senegal or Ivory Coast being just too good.

    Group D
    1. Nigeria 94
    2. Morocco 98
    3. Cameroon 82
    4. South Africa 02

    Nigeria 1994 just rocked with Okocha being king kong. Morocco 1998 had bad luck. Cameroon 1982 drew with Morocco and lost out by goal difference - incapability to score goals by Cameroon was the difference between the two. South Africa 2002 just couldn't cope in such a group.

    Cameroon 1990 - Ghana 2006
    Ghana huffed and puffed but just couldn't beat the world beaters of 1990.

    Egypt 1990 - Cameroon 2002
    Cameroon left the group, gained confidence and Samuel Eto'o in his prime bagged two and left the Egyptian defence in tatters.

    Ivory Coast 2006 - Morocco 1998
    Hadji scored the first. And then the second. In the first 20 minutes. And then Ivory Coast remembered that the pponent also has a goal and starts dominating the game. After 100 minutes of onslaught they finally score three goals thanks to Drogba, Bakary Kone and Arouna Dindane.

    Senegal 2002 - Nigeria 1994
    Diouf and co came to see that they may have a lot of talent, but just couldn't match a team fielding Amuneke, Amokachi, Okocha and the bulldozer Yekini. Close game, but in the match-up Okocha-Diouf the Nigerians win hands down.

    Ivory Coast 2006 - Cameroon 1990
    Your typical Ivory Coast game. Milla scores one. Omam Biyik adds another. 30 minutes into the game Ivory Coast starts playing. Get one back thanks to Drogba. Unfortunately Cameroon have Roger Milla, who scores a third. Ivory Coast try as they might, but can only bring the game back to 3;2 thanks to a spectacular Yaya Toure volley.

    Nigeria 1994 - Cameroon 2002
    Nigeria are hungry for blood, Cameroon can't seem to get the right scoring solution. Okocha scores from a free kick early in the game and hold their lead until the 89 minute. Eto'o lead on by a sweet touch by Olembe demolishes the defence and scores from close range. We get into OT. Cameroon gain in confidence, but one moment of brilliance from Okocha who passes to Amokachi in the box and the game ends 2:1 for the Nigerians.

    Cameroon 1990 - Nigeria 1994
    I respectfully decline to call a winner. By my heart would have to be with Nigeria 1994.
  11. jagr68

    jagr68 New Member

    Nov 12, 2006
    Interesting post. You seem like you know a lot about African teams of the past. I have only been able to see teams from World Cup 98 until now and from what I have seen the Final would end up Cameroon 2002 - Ivory Coast 2006. I never had the pleasure of watching Cameroon 1990, other than highlights, but if I had they may be #1.
  12. FCMB

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    Nov 26, 2006
    Beirut, Lebanon
    FC Bayern München
    Nat'l Team:
    1. Cameroon '90: That was an amazing team. They beat World Champions Argentina in the opening game and reached the Quartelfinals. There they only lost to England in extra time 3-2.

    2. Morocco '86: A great team, the first African team to advance to the second round and to win its group. They defeated Euro84 semifinalist Portugal 3-1 and drew with Poland and England each 0-0. In the 2nd Round they fought against West-Germany and only lost by a great goal from Lothar Matthäus in the 87th Minute.

    3. Senegal '02: Like Cameroon in 1990 they defeated World and Euro Champions France 1-0, they defeated Sweden (winner of the Group of death) and lost only to Turkey through a golden goal.

    4. Nigeria '94: They showed an amazing performance, reached the 2nd Round and only lost to eventual finalist Italy in extra time.

    5. Nigeria '98: Defeated France and 1994 4th placed Bulgaria, but then they were chanceless against Denmark and lost 4-1.
  13. Dwbakke

    Dwbakke Member

    Jun 10, 2004
    Arlington, VA
    Man, I agree, that would be a fun final. I loved watching both those teams. I barely remember the Cameroon team (I was 8 and had just discovered this whole world cup thing) but Nigeria was easily my favorite team when they played here in the states. I think it would probably be a wild game, with both teams very capable of coming back to win and also capable of losing leads. It would help Nigeria if they had Iroha and Keshi (both of whom spent much of the tournament injured) healthy. With those two bolstering the defense I think I'd take Nigeria 94 (although to be fair Keshi's replacement, Nwanu, played well. Emenalo, however was not very good at left back, though better than Eguavoen at the other fullback spot). Of course, there was that magic about Cameroon. If Nigeria got up 1 and Milla came off the bench in the second half, I don't want to pick against him creating a goal somehow. But I'm going with Nigeria. Cameroon's still #1 in my rankings on performance, but if they played, I'd put my money on Nigeria.
  14. StarStopper

    StarStopper Member

    Oct 30, 2006
    I think Nigeria '94 may have been the best team from top to bottom in EVERY position. That team was just loaded with talent and played with so much poise and confidence. They really had some opportunities that they didn't quite capitalize on against Italy or else I think we would have an African team that's placed by now in the WC.
  15. Dwbakke

    Dwbakke Member

    Jun 10, 2004
    Arlington, VA
    If they'd held on in that game they would have had Spain next in the quarters, which would have been a game that could have gone either way. Nigeria could have won but they could have broken down late like the Italy game too. Like I said before, if that team has a healthy Keshi and Iroha to bolster that suspect defense, they would have been worthy semifinalists. Look at their midfield and attack - Oliseh, Siasia, Adepoju coming off the bench, Amokachi, Finidi George, Yekini, and Emanuel Amunike. That team is pretty much the reason I've become an African football fan.
  16. Akanchawaman

    Akanchawaman New Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    I aggreed with u nearly but i really dont know the past from before 86 so i guess :

    1.Cameroon 94

    2.Senegal 2002

    3.Nigeria 94

    4.Ivory Coast 2006

    5.Ghana 2006
  17. Akanchawaman

    Akanchawaman New Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    I even think Ivory Coast 2006 was maybe even the best African team ever they just had unluck they became a very hard group with Argentina and Holland and if they had a bit more luck too or lets dont say luck cause i think nearly the other African strikers not only Ivory Coast got problems by scoring goal and they even cant kick the ball to a empty goal...Only Drogba knows how to score goals...If Ivory Coast had a another striker like Drogba am sure they would play a semi or even half final...
  18. Dwbakke

    Dwbakke Member

    Jun 10, 2004
    Arlington, VA
    Even Drogba caught the missing chances bug in Germany. Remember the breakaway he blew against the Netherlands.

    Still, others were worse than Drogba. I was so angry at Arouna Kone for missing so many chances I wanted to hit him watching those games.

    I wonder what happens if the ref calls a penalty when Eboue got clearly taken down in the box in the early stages of the Netherlands game. I could see the Elephants pulling away and winning in style or choking and giving up a goal or two late. We would have found out a lot about their character and potential as a top team. We also might have been spared the three-ring circus that was the Netherlands-Portugal game and watched a real football game instead.
  19. jagr68

    jagr68 New Member

    Nov 12, 2006

    I don't think they were the best African team ever but I do think they have the potential to become the best African team of all time in South Africa 2010. Hopefully this Kalou news is true because he will only strengthen the squad. Can you imagine by 2010 with Drogba and Kalou playing together at Chelsea all that time, they will be a deadly combination up front for CIV.
  20. Akanchawaman

    Akanchawaman New Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    Why dont play brother Kalou in World Cup 2006 ? ? ? I guess he dont have anymore Ivory Coast passport and changed to Holland passport even Holland wants him to play for them Natioanl team so i guess Salomon Kalou would not play for Ivory in 2010 . . . :(

    Why the top talent ex Ghanian Adu dont played for USA is anybody there who knows the reason???
  21. Akanchawaman

    Akanchawaman New Member

    Feb 3, 2007
    Wow if really Adu played for Ghana am sure Ghana would score all that missed goals hehehe... But world strongest country USA steall hom from poor country Ghana . . . :/
  22. StarStopper

    StarStopper Member

    Oct 30, 2006
    Well, physically he's still not very big. And the position he want's to play, attacking-center mid, is being occupied by Landon Donovan, one of the USA's better players from WC '02 and argueably, their best domestic player. So if he's going to play for them in SA 2010, he's really going to have to prove himself both domestically and abroad.

    He's still not cap-tied to the US and even though he's playing for their U-20 side, he's made it known that he would still consider playing for Ghana in 2010. But, honestly, I don't think he would have a place in Ghana, especially in midfield where they have the most talent. He's better off just sticking with the US and trying to get to Europe within the next transfer window.

    This coming season, the US league, MLS, begins in March and he'll begin playing for his new team, Real Salt Lake at his preferred position. So his future will depend largely on how he performs with them and whether he can impress the Euro clubs enough for them to offer MLS enough money to release him. His contract with MLS is up in June but MLS reserves the right to exercise a two year option, which I'm quite sure they will do since he's such a good marketing tool for them.

    But maybe MLS will be so in love with David Beckham at that point, he'll be able to sneak out the back door.
  23. jus2nang

    jus2nang Member

    Dec 12, 2005
    North London
    Arsenal FC
    Nat'l Team:
    1. Cameroon '90

    2. Senegal '02

    3. Nigeria '94

    4. Ghana '06

    5. Nigeria '98

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