Top 10 Most Promising African Footballers

Discussion in 'Africa' started by tomaszlegg, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. redtyre

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    Apr 18, 2004
    The team that cut him, Salt Lake got whipped 3-0 last night.

    Now, maybe he isn't among the brilliant stars we have witnessed out of Afrique, like Adebayor or Wison Oruma and this thread is probably for your 20 year olds and less; but at least, playing for a team in the USA; I think, he showed a little bit of the magic of that area of Africa; which I've been watching, for a long time,

    Heck, I've got a good friend from Gambia, he is sharp in the amatuers men's league here, you know who they root for?? Senegal; cause they are kind of the same country they tell me.

    Merci for the response!

  2. OMfreak

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    Mar 22, 2006

    my vote goes to Zikora, as of Taiwo, i dont think he is the age he claims to be. so i would wait a couple more years to see about him.
  3. TheOranje

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    Jun 23, 2004
    In the 80s Senegal and Gambia were united into one country called Senegambia. They broke up after a decade. They're basically the same people who speak the same language and are predominatly of the same religion( Muslim)...
  4. SMSM

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    Sep 14, 2005
    my foot now for fofana ..wooooooooow wht a skills ..he scored classic goal against italy and should score anouther too ..he only play 45m but assest another goal ..this guy amaizy ..he have classic left foot ..

    last season in africa caf cup he only 16years but play in ferst team and score 2 goals against DF have 25to 35years ..

    i thing maybe arsenal try sign him soon ..he come from zokora -kone -kalou elc club ..asec abdjan cote d ..

    - obi mikel too classic player soon ...tiwo to play very good match with mars in france now ..

    @ ceesay from gambia woooooooow score classic goals against brazil ..

    if he dont have proplme in heart like kanu ..he should be big name soon ..
  5. tomaszlegg

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    Aug 13, 2005
    Torquay, UK
  6. the big easy

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    May 18, 2006
    what about Obafemi?
  7. Bendinho

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    Jun 14, 2006
    Dioh Williams (BK Hacken and Liberia) will probably be one of the best player Africa will ever produce. Arsenal and Porthsmouth are two teams that have been turn down for his service by hacken and several are watching him closely. His skills and goals scoring ability, if well manage, could make him africa's next George Weah. He has been BK Hacken top scorer for 2 years or more in the swedish league after taking them into the premiership with his scoring ability one season after lifting another team to a higher division.
  8. goke313

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    Feb 12, 2006
    only matters if he's a Nigerian:)
  9. lost

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    May 24, 2006
    Does noone here talk about muntari? i have heard he may be coming to manutd, so can anyone tell me about this guy?
  10. ferrari77

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    May 23, 2002
    Manchester United FC

    Erm, JM obi is definitely not a defensive midfielder, never was and never will be. the kid is okocha with the flair and perhaps a better end product as he matures.

    perhaps you are thinking of yaya toure who is a Dmidfielder.
  11. free_pawn

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    Jun 27, 2006
    Tomasz, it´s actually pretty obvious you compiled your list by mainly going over the FIFA youth competition team profiles, as you not only included mostly players featured in the "star player" part of the profiles (except for one or two obvious other choices, ie Taiwo, Mikel, Oliech), you basically copied said features a couple of times.

    This is no knock, but maybe you should acknowledge your sources. If I am totally off the mark here, please feel free to call me out.

    But on the subject of exciting african prospects sight-unseen, I would like to add Serge Kouadio, Cote d´Ivoire. From

    Their undoubted star was Serge Kouadio, who came with the nickname of 'the crazy dribbler' but showed that he is much more.

    His technique is so good that he can receive the ball with his head up, looking around for options and giving continuity to the play, and he promises to go on to be an important player for Ivory Coast at senior level.

    In fact, he is exactly the type of player who would improve Gambia's and Ghana's teams. Both were much more solid than Ivory Coast, but they lacked an extra piece of playmaking quality.

    They are sides who are continually looking to force, rather than play, their way through the opposing defence.

    Someone like Kouadio, with his ability to change the rhythm of the game, would be an excellent addition.
  12. tomaszlegg

    tomaszlegg New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Torquay, UK
    You’re correct to some extent; yes I took information from the FIFA website, as well as World Soccer Magazine. Some of the Information is also cut and pasted, the reason being is I don’t have a lot of time on my hands.
    Im a Full-time Coach at a professional club in the UK and although I love to study the game, during season time I have very little time to myself so spend as much time with my Girlfriend and Family.
    I like to think i have quite a comprehensive knowledge of the game (and more specifically the African game since I lived on the continent), and was merely starting up a thread for people to discuss Young African Footballers.

    As for Serge Kouadio I agree with you, he's a fantastic prospect. He was in fact the player to secure Cote d'Ivoire's place in the Under 17 World Cup, after he scored a last minute goal against South Africa in the African under 17 Qualifiers. The problem I have with him is that compared to Fofana, he's a lot smaller build and defiantly needs to work the physical side of his game if he's ever to make it to the senior level. Especially considering the position he plays as the playmaker in the team, most European teams tend to man mark the playmakers in midfield and if he ever gets a move to Europe he will need aquire a more physical edge to his game if he's ever to make a real impact.

    I attended the Under 17 Championships in Peru as a FIFA guest, as part of my UEFA B' Coaching Qualification. I was allowed to watch certain teams training sessions and because of that I saw some of theses players like Jonathan Quartey, Momodou Ceesay, Agyemang Opoku, Ismael Beko Fofana and Osmane Jallow train on a daily basis. So please don’t call into question my knowledge of the game.

    I don’t feel any great need to acknowledge my source, but if it means that much to you then in future I will do.
  13. free_pawn

    free_pawn New Member

    Jun 27, 2006
    Hey, Tom, no bad feelings here. Definitely wasn´t calling your knowledge of the game into question. Actually really appreciate this thread, and must admit my slight jealousy at your access.

    My post did come across more impolite than I intended and for that I apologize.

    Further insight into players you have seen more of than any of us is obviously very welcome. Time permitting.

    What do you think about Sadat Bukari?
  14. tomaszlegg

    tomaszlegg New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Torquay, UK
    No bad feelings, didn't mean to be so defensive, had a bad day at work.

    In relation to Sadat Bukari he looks like a good prospect. They did really miss him against Costa Rica, with Agyemang Opoku looking isolated upfront.
    Agyemang offers the real threat with his powerful runs and vision, but Bukari offered the link between attack and midfield.
    Although he lacks the shot accuracy rate and power of Opoku, he makes up for it with his skill and seems a lot more comfortable with the ball at his feet.

    He is contracted to Heart of Lion, but reportedly signed for West Ham after having a trail with both them and Tottenham. (Opoku has also had a trail with Spurs at the same time as Bukari, but nothing seems to have come of it. He has also been linked with Liverpool recently due to there links with Ashgold) Personally If i were West Ham id try and get Opoku, simply because both player link up so well together.

    Bukari is certainly more versatile than Opoku, he can play behind the striker, as well as right upfront with the target man and I would imagine that if he is trained properly he would be an affective support striker/winger in a 4-3-3 system.
  15. okocha1

    okocha1 Member+

    Nov 25, 2004
    Chelsea FC

    Can you give me a description for Emanuel Sakri and Ntuka Jeffrey of Westerlo? Both players were loaned from Chelsea FC.

  16. F.L.I.P.

    F.L.I.P. Member

    Apr 26, 2005
    Who are the most promising prospects from Senegal and Cameroon?

    lol who is the next Eto'o?
  17. Maruti

    Maruti New Member

    May 14, 2006
    Cameroon players of the future:

    Alexander Song - holding midfielfer/defender; not sure where he is at the moment, but they have been fighting for him. I think he is with Arsenal but could be wrong.

    Serg N'gal (the new Eto'o) - he made a name for himself in one of the most unbelievable matches I have ever seen - scored a hattrick at U17 level against Portugal in in 6 minutes after coming on as a sub. Actually it was a stunning game... by the 52 minute Cameroon was losing 5:0. They clawed back to 5:5!!! Guy is signed for Villareal. They should make a deadly striking duo with Eto'o by 2010.

    Etoundi Mbia - the next Olembe? Plays for Rennes.

    Joseph Mawaye - winger, plays for Sporting Anderlecht
  18. F.L.I.P.

    F.L.I.P. Member

    Apr 26, 2005
    You seem to know ALOT about African futebol?...could you tell me more about Senegal's prospects and I have a lot of friends from about their prospects?
  19. Maruti

    Maruti New Member

    May 14, 2006
    Sorry, not good on Senegal.

    Check out Frederic Mendy, Dino Djiba, Boukary Drame and Rahmane Dramy.
    All came in to the Senegal squad from the U20.
  20. okocha1

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    Nov 25, 2004
    Chelsea FC
    Can you tell me about Emmanuel Sakri, David Abwo, and Isaac Promise please Maruti?

  21. Maruti

    Maruti New Member

    May 14, 2006
    I think Tomasz Szleg could supply better info on the subject.

    Isaac Promise: Should find himself in the national squad together with Mikel Obi. Should replace Oruma (somewhere between a forward and an attacking midfielder, not your typical striker) in due time. The guy is be playing in Turkey for Gencerbirgli (together with Haminu Dramani from Ghana and the beforementioned David Abwo). Netted 10 goals in his first season for the club (playing an attacking midfield/forward role and being 18 years old).

    Could turn out in a couple of years that Promise and Mikel Obi will be competing for the title of team star (they are very similar players in many regards). He should make it to England in a year or two (19 years of age now). Fast, very skillful, very coposed in front of goal. Since moving to Turkey has been put in a more striker type role, broke into the first team squad after just a couple of weeks.

    Emmanuel Sakri: I read something about him on BigSoccer and yep:

    Can't add much to that. Sakri is rather small and fast. Great physique and superb endurance. Sort of a Didier Zokora/Kanga Akale type, but can also play a more holding role. Not sure if he is suited for the English premiership. Should do well in Belgium with Wersterlo, where he is currently playing on loan from Chelsea (although he is not listed there). The extent of his talent is unknown. Could turn out to be a flop. Hasn't played much on loan to Westerlo.

    David Abwo: Exceptional rightwinger. Brings hell to any defence from the right (he is sometimes played as forward but I see more of a winger role for him). Hasn't made such a name for himself in Turkey as Isaac Promise. Probably the smallest player I have ever seen - he is very small, very fast. Changes direction with ease and has great ball control (doesn't even look at his feet whilst playing). Tijani Babangida at his best comes to mind. Not sure if he has a chance at the very physical type of play the game has become. It is however unbelievable the ease with which he breaks into the penalty area. My pick for right wing in the next Nigerian squad, albeit it will be interesting to see how he copes with a more physical game...
  22. tomahawk_blood

    tomahawk_blood New Member

    Jul 2, 2006
    I think only two African players have made an impact : El Hadji Diouf(Senagal) and Didier Drogba(Ivory Coast).........others are not as good. And why didn't the Senagalese team make it to the world cup? They were cool . They beat France in 2002 . I loved their attitude .
  23. tomaszlegg

    tomaszlegg New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Torquay, UK
    Thank you everyone for the complements, I apologize for being so long in replying, Iv got a FA coaching assessment this weekend.

    In response to some of your questions:

    Isaac Promise in particular is a fantastic prospect. Maruti gave some great information about him, i'd just like to add last season I was at a match of his when Gencerbirgli played Kayserispor in February and he scored a top class header which he managed to loop back over into the far corner, then supplied a assist for his teams second goal. They eventually won 3-2 and Isaac was promptly voted man of the match. Besides this, he has been linked with Newcastle in the past few weeks and had a trail with Man Utd when he was younger, but there were obvious work permit problems. One thing I would also add to Maruti's great description is that he has become a lot more composed in front of goal and with the ball at his feet since I last saw his in the Africa Under 17 Championships.
    For me he needs to step up now, a move to England this summer would do wonders for he development. But id urge caution when it comes to saying he's going to be a star of Nigerian Football, like many before him he needs time to develop properly.
    David Abwo is another fantastic talent, but that is all he is at the moment. He has the talent, its how he develops and utilizes that talent which will determine what sort of player he will become. Yes he's fast and has a low center of gravity, but its his crossing that he has to work on. He made a substitute appearance in the match against Kayserispor and admittedly I was very impressive, but if he is to for-fill the promise then he needs to work on his all round game. So he needs a better pass completion rate, more consistent crossing and to learn when and who best to pass to when attacking. But I wouldn't worry, he's still got plenty of time and if he gets a move to France or England, that would help him immensely.
    Jeffery Ntuka is a promising right back for Chelsea and currently Westerlo. He scored three goals for Westerlo last season and was a regular for them, as well as putting in a string of man of the match performances for them in January. He's most defiantly not a conventional right back, much more of a wing back. Enjoys pushing forward as much as possible, he quick, got a good temperament and very calm, in fact I would liken him to Ema Eboue of Arsenal. He has also already made a senior debut for South African against Senegal.
    On the subject of Senegalese prospects, Dakar University Club have a couple of exciting prospects. Players like Lamine Dieme and Philippe Henene. Dieme's a Midfielder and Henene is a Forward and both have represented the country at Under 17 level. In Europe there is Papakouli Diop of Rennes, a deep lying midfielder who is very athletic and physical but I have my reservations about him due to his passing ability. Rennes also have Cheick N'Diaye on there books, a 'flamboyant' young Senegalese keeper. He sits third in the peking order at at the club, although he has potential he does not get enough opportunity at Rennes.
    Maruti also mentioned Frederic Mendy and Dino Djiba, I would add Papiss Cisse as well. I saw him play in a reserve match last season and he's got fantastic speed and balance, does lack other aspects to his game, notably consistency, but he's potentially a good striker and I would expect to see more of him at Metz next season. Out of all of the Senegalese prospects, my favorite is Dino Djiba. He's very comfortable with breaking up play in midfield and pushing forward, played 13 times for Metz last season and scored 2 times. Physically he built well and is not at all overalled by playing players bigger than him (which can be the case with some youngsters) and his passing is usually short into feet or space. Watch out for him!
    Finally on the subject of Ghanaian prospects, If you look back onto the first page of this thread you'll see iv written a bit on Godwin Antwi, Jonathan Quartey and Agyemang Opoku, and Bukari Sadat has also been mentioned. There is the obvious one's like Suley Muntari and Haminu Dramani who Im sure you've all seen at the World Cup this year. Then there is Basty Owusu Kyeremateng, a very promising right winger. He's got good strength, pretty fast and isn't afraid to take players on. Iv see him train with the Inter Milan first team before, but that's as close to the first team as he's got. Just turned 19 so I would imagine Inter would loan him out this season to gain experience, alternatively they may go for a joint ownership deal with Parma who he has been linked with previously. Mohammed Abubakari plays for Feyenoord, he was the first Ghanaian to move from there feeder club in Ghana and has also represented the Ghana at Under 20 level. Thats about all I know of him, id expect is he's any good then we should here more of him next season.

    I hope this long reply has been of some help.
  24. tomaszlegg

    tomaszlegg New Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Torquay, UK
    I apologize for the hefty reply.
  25. goke313

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    Feb 12, 2006
    what do u think about osazie/peter odemwingie

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