Too caution or not to caution?

Discussion in 'Referee' started by But Referee, Oct 12, 2003.

  1. But Referee

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    Jun 16, 2003
    NISOA match, player approaches the Referee at half time and requests a caution. Yes, you heard right, he PLEADED for a caution. The Referee asked why and the player explained that he had huge conference game but there was a game in between. So..... if he received a caution in the present game, he would sit out the (seemingly) unimportant match and have a "clean slate". If he had received a caution in that "unimportant" match (the game in between the present match and the conference match), then he would have to sit out the very important conference match.

    Would you oblige if you were the Referee?
  2. Ref Flunkie

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    Oct 3, 2003
    New Hudson, MI
    First, this kid is stupid for telling the referee this... he should just commit a cautionable offense and be happy when he gets one. Also, why wouldn't his coach just sit him from the "unimportant" match to prevent him from getting the 2nd caution, he isn't required to play is he? As for your question, if he did something to warrent a caution, he would get one from me. I'm not going to not give him one, just because he wants one. If that were the case, I'd go beg the ref before every game for a caution, and then commit bloody murder because I knew the ref didn't want to give me one.
  3. rcleopard

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    Aug 26, 2003
    I would give him one, and note it in the match report. Now.. why would I give him a caution because he requested it?

    Because he seems adamant that he wants a caution, and if he doesn't get one from me for free, I'm afraid that he'd do something extremely stupid on the field to get one. I don't want a player out there TRYING to get a caution.

    I might even consider giving him two cautions, and in most leagues that'd have him sitting two games.. one for the accumulated cards and for the red.

    Simply asking for the caution and then explaining why does bring the game into disrepute.

  4. Statesman

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    Sep 16, 2001
    The name says it all
    I would just have him tell me how bad my next call was at the top of his lungs.
  5. Pokeden

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    Jul 20, 2003
    So, what would he have done if you did caution him, and during the game, cautioned him again (second)? Would he have a two game suspension?
  6. Scott Zawadzki

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    I wouldn't just give it to him, but I'd advise him as to what some of the 'non-violent' ways to earn a caution are...delaying a restart and failure to give the required distance on a restart.

  7. rcleopard

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    Aug 26, 2003
    Whatever the case, I would make certain to note in my report, "#6 was playing the game literally seeking a caution." I know that suonds very ugly and bad, and that's the point. I don't WANT players out there trying to get cautions. It's a perversion of the game.

  8. wjarrettc

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    The player is guilty of USB, right? Certainly it is unsporting to manipulate the system like he is trying to do, but your card actually allows him to get away with it.

    I think I align with rcleopard because the last thing I want is this kid going in studs up on every challenge in the second half looking for a caution.

    Of course, I'd be very keen to card the kid a second time in the second half if he even looked at me the wrong way :)

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