To the San Jose EARTHQUAKE players & staff, from the Fans

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    Sep 26, 2002
    Pass the Tissues
    Thank you guys for the BEST last year any fan could hope for. The 2005 San Jose Earthquake season will definitely go down in our history books as THE best group of guys the team has ever had.

    it really hurts.
    we will miss you guys, our soccer team
    You guys made everything worth while.
    We loved watching you win and we suffered when you lost
    we loved to see to see our friends who share the love of soccer
    the tailgates
    the after game tailgates
    the drives down to LAla land
    the smiles on your faces when you kick some ass
    going to the Brit to see away games
    going to friends houses to see away games
    the casbah, club quake
    the trophies
    buying new jerseys
    going to Earthquake soccer camp
    getting autographs & pictures
    Earthquake Rallys
    visions of blue @ Spartan Stadium
    making our Earthquake special cocktails in the parking lot
    having our kids excited about watching the team, seeing their friends & just playing soccer.

    We had the BEST team.
    We were the BEST fans
    We Believed. Our Saga Ends here

    RIP San Jose Earthquakes
    born: 1974-1983 &
    died: 1996-2005

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