Time to practice penalties - who we got?

Discussion in 'USA Men' started by RedBaron, Nov 30, 2022.

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    Been thinking about this and aside from Pulisic and I would assume Weah, wonder who would be the likely penalty kick takers if it comes to that. Thoughts/speculation?
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    man, its so tough. would wes even still be on in after 140 min (with the "new" added time)? will pulisic?

    you default to attackers who will be subs- so ferreira and aaronson. i distinctly remember hearing not long ago that a pk jesus was taking was the first of his career, which is wild. acota?

    probably adams, right? i feel like ream would be a sneaky good pick. looking at this particular scenario morris and/or reyna could be longish minute subs and id think either would be a solid choice, right?

    def not weah or musah though, imo, tired legs and pks dont mix.

    so ill say pulisic, morris,acosta, ream/ferreira and adams. but thats wildly speculating for this match only, not a general preference.
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    Here’s a question:
    Of our three keepers, who’s the best at PK’s? Horvath made that big PK save vs m3x!c0 in the ‘21 Nations League final.
    Do we pull an Australia and make a keeper sub?
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    Here is who I’d want:


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