Tie Breakers?

Discussion in 'New England Revolution' started by lufty, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Aug 21, 2000
    What tie breakers do we win?

    I believe if we can beat Chicago once and tie them once we win that tie breaker.

    We win the series against Columbus simply with a tie or win, or a loss to them by less then 3 goals.

    We will win the tie breaker v. LA with a tie. We will win the tie breaker if we give up less then 3 goals.

    We win the tie breaker with Dallas with a win, tie, or a loss by one goal.

    With Colorado we win the tiebreaker with a win by more then one goal.

    We Loss tie breakers v. KC, NY, and SJ no matter what happens.

    This being said... we need to do the following in result of a tie.

    W or T vs (or loss by one and give up less then three goals)

    W by more then one goal

    W or T (or loss by one goal)

    W and T or two wins

    W or T or (lose by less then 3 goals)

    Does it matter
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    No, they beat us 3-1 here and we tied 2-2 in Naperville. If we beat and tie them, we'd have to beat them by more than 2 goals. And then it depends on which result happens where, since home and away is the next tie breaker if all the usual stuff is tied.

    Suppose we beat them 2-1 and draw 1-1, we each would have a win and 2 draws, 5 points. We'd have 6 GF and 7 GA. They win.


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