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Discussion in 'MLS: General' started by Nermalthecat, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    I apologize in advance if this has been posted before...

    I am planning to attend Saturday's Metros/Fire game at the Meadowlands. This will be my first MLS game live (go easy...I lived in Philly for awhile when the league started, and worked 80+ hrs a week, so attending games was not an option).

    Anyway, I called the Metrostars ticket office and was told they are unable to sell any individual game tickets under blocks of 4, which come in a family pack with Burger King coupons and a soccer ball.

    I only need two tickets, so I either have to go through Ticketmaster and pay their extortionist 33% surcharges ($64.50 total to obtain 2 $24 tickets) or go to the box office the day of the game (I live in Manhattan now, so I can't just swing over there mid-week). I think I will just walk up the day of the game and buy from the stadium, as I loathe Ticketmaster and do not want to pay them the extra $16.50.

    My question is, do all MLS teams operate their ticket distributions this way? They are making it way too hard/costly for a casual fan to check out a game. Either you pay a lot extra for tickets, or have to motivate on game day and trek to the Meadowlands from the city and buy them there.

    (editor's note: don't take this as a rant..I am just curious as to the way other teams handle individual game tickets).
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    pretty much the same for fire

    i think generally you need to have larger groups to go through the ticket office (calling them)... maybe 15, although that family deal might be good too (not sure)

    they do have an online form that you can fill out and mail in, or you can head out to the stadium and buy tickets from the box office pretty much any day

    most places it's just as easy to get tickets at the stadium... fire matches not really, as they have the worry of selling out every time (only have announced once... but gone past the supposed seating max several times already)

    hope that is of some use
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    here's my ticket gripe:

    two $15 Quakes tickets cost $41 online. Like the first post, I was tired of paying extra money to ticketmaster. Next Quakes game we went to we bought four tickets (two each to their next two games) and paid no services charges. Good deal.
    But what the turds at the ticket window didn't tell us was that if we buy our tickets inside not only would we save even more money on a discounted mini-fan pack but would also get a free landon donovan bobblehead.
    in summary, Ticketmaster is a bunch of rip-off bastards and the quakes ticket office ripped me out of my bobblehead.
    to hell with both of them.

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