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    I don't know why you would switch to three backs unless desperate. Further, why not play straight up and build some confidence in the team knowing that Krieger, Harris and Dunn are all on the bench. One loss is not the end of the world, letting your team get slaughtered has longer ramifications. Krieger was nursing a sore leg from the first game with France. She played 180 minutes in those matches. Coach look big picture!!!
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    Parsons and the players we talked to - including Chantel Jones - didn't seem much fazed by the blowout. Krieger had some time with the fans but declined talking with us due to her sore leg.

    Despite the score, I'm not too much worried. A new back line gave up a couple of goals early, and a bunch of additional goals got tacked on at the end when the team was trying to claw back. That and if Harris is in there the second and third Portland goals almost certainly don't happen, and we're 1-1 late.
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    Parsons has made it clear he doesn't welcome rookies unless their name is Dunn (according to rumors, he has told entire college teams they need not apply) yet he starts other late arriving pros who've barely practiced with the team. Weird.

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