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    mind your own.
    Over There is a great idea. Stars & Stripes, etc is a fairly bad idea. No offense.

    You have to remember that the most effective chants on the int'l scene are things like Eng-a-land Eng-a-land Eng-a-land, Eng-a-land, Eng-a-land (and so on)

    or KO-re-A! KO-re-A! or whatever they were singing in Seoul. When 90,000 people chant together it really works. And it's easy for people to pick up (because not everyone - gasp! - logs on to Big Soccer)

    As for songs, I think it's pretty clever when people take songs everyone knows & changes the words to cheer (or dis) a particular player. Egs Overhead in NYC Soccer Pubs:

    (to the tune of Daydream Believer) Cheer up Alan Shearer! Oh what can it mean? To a Fat *#*#*#*#*#*#ing Geordie on a Shite Football Te-am!!

    (to Guantamenera) One Bocanegra! There's only one Bocanegra! One Bo-ca-naaaay-gra! There's only one Bocanegra!

    On that tip, I think we should change God Bless America to God Gave us Freddy or God Gave Us Landon or God Gave us Johnny O, etc.

    That's clever and mad singable. And crucially, it will sound American & not like Americans trying to ape somebody else's culture. So yeah, American songs but let's do something with 'em & keep 'em real simple.

    Singing four unaltered verses of an obscure patriotic number?? Tough to work with.

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